None the wiser

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Meanings of "None the wiser"


1. not knowing or understanding anything more about something;
2. used to describe someone who is not at all aware of something that has happened.

Explained by St. Sol on Mon, 05/11/2018 - 18:38
Explained by St. Sol

"None the wiser" in lyrics

Reinhard Mey - After all those years

How you would handle life, the world, the universe and more
I'd forecast your responses with conviction
And realise I'm none the wiser than before

Lights - Timing Is Everything

If you just roll with the punches, your guts, and your hunches.

There I was, none the wiser
Both of us, different trajectories.

The Script - None The Wiser

What we don't know now we'll know, what we don't show now we'll never show

You better hope that there's something higher we're getting old and we're none the wiser,

KMFDM - Superpower

Another millennium and none the wiser
I'm the one unparalleled Germanizer
Hunted, shunted never ever to stray
I am the man who goes by the name of Käpt'n K

Exodus - The Sun Is My Destroyer

Despotic tyrants liar, judgement always dire
Unrepentant fear machine
Dream world paralyzer, re of man, none the wiser
Beneath the surface, site unseen

Brand New - 137

Under the ocean
Next to a boiling vent
He's none the wiser
Earth's only resident

Puscifer - Telling Ghosts

The more you suck the more you bleed

Echoes and specters and ghosts of none the wiser
Apparitions each and bad decisions brush on by

Peggy Seeger - Song of Myself

I lived with my leisure
I lived before pleasure
And so, none the wiser
To England I came