Odavde do neba (English translation)

English translation

From here to the sky

My heart can't be next to someone else even for a day
With her I still wake up alone
You're the mistake I keep on repeating.
Even when everything's well, still nothing's right
Even when I have everything, where are you?
My long gone dream, that I still dream of....
No revenge can compare to the one from your love
And no memory is as strong as the heart's
Still I can't wish you anything bad.
From here to the sky and back, that's what you once told me
That I'm the man you'd grow old with
Wreaths of flowers, all in white
Our bodies never touched
But you took my soul and put it in yours
Don't stop smiling, I've always known you like that
I can't let anyone do you wrong
And I still don't know how not to dream of you
And when everything's going good, nothing's going right
And when I have everything, where are you?
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Odavde do neba

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