One Piece (ost) - Generique 04 lyrics request

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ingirumimusnocte    Fri, 12/10/2018 - 08:19

Another French voice over a Japanese song:
Incredibly enough, the French fansubs manage to disagree with what the guy actually says Teeth smile

Vous savez qu'à l'autre bout de l'océan se trouve un trésor fabuleux ? Celui qui le découvrira deviendra le roi des pirates. Rien que d'y penser, ça me rend dingue, pas vous ? Y a encore plein de nouvelles aventures qui nous attendent.

Don't you know a fabulous treasure lies at the other end of the ocean? He who discovers it will become the king of pirates. Just thinking of it drives me crazy. What about you? There are still lots and lots of adventures awaiting us.

The first two words of the Japanese opening happen to be in French too : "bon voyage !" (have a good trip!)