Pacífico (English translation)

English translation


Now that I'm empty
now that there's no song
all the moon fits in me
now that I'm a whistle
of someone who comes out to walk
I see another sky around.
All those desires
of cold night and alcohol
I want to give them to you today
the water splashes me
the fire is reality
I liked your voice so much.
Letting it happen
it's easier this way
the body knows to float
different looks
and your reply
show how useless was my speaking.
The mind is empty
the body wants to spin
and that pain in the pupil
Oh, oh, I'm gonna take you in me
and now I know well, that you'll take me
to where you are, wherever you go
a blue tatoo, in the blue voice.
Something trembles in the ear
shadow of a voiceless whisper
the last chance.
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