Johnny Hallyday - Partie de cartes (English translation)

English translation

Game of cards

Like an unfinished Game of cards
that looked like you
a never full game we were handing out
with no real success
I was affraid of dying,
I begged
as one had to suffer
I whispered
scraps of prayers, monotonous chants,
we were hearing,
I am now worthless to you, I deserted,
I left you
I didn't want to
go on
I could only see
burnt ground
I was affraid of dying
I drowned
I didn't want to follow you anymore
I was bored
but without mercy,
you were laughing
about all my Dreams
why do we always have to kneel
to answer for our past
I was affraid of dying
I was imagining
Strange castles
that I was destroying
Like a Game of cards
a never full game
that looked like you
I was affraid of dying
Yes, I was affraid of dying

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Partie de cartes

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