penny pinching

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penny pinching (English) — saving money in a very economized way

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Translations of "penny pinching"

Englishto count every penny
FrenchÊtre près de ses sous
GermanAuf den Pfennig schauen (sparsam /geizig sein)
PolishLiczyć każdy grosz
RussianСчитать каждую копейку
Turkishaç gözlü olmak

"penny pinching" in lyrics

I'm winning no matter what the decision's depending on
I'm sinister, picture a ticking bomb in the Pentagon
The typical shit I've been on, remember the pen is gone
Your pinnacle's penny pinching, I'm getting nickels for my thoughts
Like Slim Shady in Balmain jeans
Difficult to say I'm vision impaired, all I seen

Ab-Soul - Huey Knew

Don't look at me like I'm doing something different
I'm just trying to get that money
You wasn't tripping with me
When I was penny pinching
I know that I had to get it real rare
I had to get me a check

Moe Roy - To The Top I Go