Pistolas (English translation)

English translation


You were caring for yourself so much and now you're rasped
nobody went to see you
I remember when you were dancing that you weren't looking
I never understood it well
A cleveage that ends when begins the fall
of some sucker without net
The day you went out didn't save youm they were arguing
and the cop shot and you see.
Hot concrete to the floor, pink the wall that made you
cry like a baby.
Retired of a right that they cut like a fern
made the roof fall
Alone, and again with nothing after giving entrance
with no way out to oldness
The veins resound, the boys and the girls
charge again.
Guns shooting by themselves
Fallen, all unknown
Clubs, hitting without reasons
Death is a matter of luck
That's the way, no need to talk
it will come out, from where you didn't expect.
Let them kill each other, let them kill each other
let them kill each other in the Great Buenos Aires
in the back
make your own ghetto, stay at your neighbourhood
don't adjust the Rosario belt
Santiago del Estero, fighting for its money
let's put some cops let them kill each other
let them kill each other
Maybe it's not the wine...
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