Pobre Jesús (English translation)

English translation

Poor Jesus

If Jesus comes down form his sacred altar
warn him that a wiseman won't return,
they got Balthasar at Cape Town
enclosed behind the Apartheid wires.
Poor Jesus, he's left without a gift,
a king remains in the kingdom of terror,
poor Jesus if he thinks that the romans were the worst
he'll see how savagery progressed.
If Jesus comes down there will always be a stable
where Mary suffers to give birth,
now they call it State Hospital
and a very deplorable state uses to display.
Poor Jesus, Herodes is pestering,
he shoots his needle and malnutrition,
poor Jesus, he'll have to get used to the situation
unless he makes a miracle or two.
If Jesus comes down and like a good son
looks for Joe on several carpenter shops,
he'll find him unemployed without fixed direction
freezing in the soup kitchens.
Poor Jesus, he asks with grief
to the crowd: Where are you apostols.
Poor Jesus, he doesn't know that Paul, Peter, Mathew and John
today are sad retired begging for bread.
If Jesus comes down, poor of him when he sees
so called pastors who make you see the light,
he'll take a fast boat to Galilee
and requests again the nails for the cross.
Poor Jesus, his name was so used,
he could see of having a nickname,
poor Jesus, his beard and his long hair in God's name
were cutted a thusand times in prision.
If Jesus comes down and sees the pleasures
that gives to live on the backs of another mortal
and wants to expell the merchants of the temple,
surely some liberal will privatize it.
Poor Jesus, the dreams he loves so much
are still sleeping at the Bethlehem cradle.
Poor Jesus, here or at the Vatican or Jerusalem
your ministers suffer little and eat well.
If Jesus comes down called to the court,
he better look for a good lawyer to get away,
Pontio Pilato was a little baby
if we compare it to the judges here.
Poor Jesus, wounded and hooded,
Judas might know why he dissapeared.
Poor Jesus, the cross is nowhere, nobody saw it,
Mary rounds and rounds looking for him
and the government indulted Barrabas.
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Pobre Jesús

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