Ponyphonic - In Every Thought


In Every Thought

Ever a thought in my mind
Clever and kind
It's you I adore
And should the floodwaters rise
Or darkness disguise
Just know that I'm yours
In every thought
And in every word
You're the muse, you inspire the art
I'll never be lonely
With my one and only
Yeah, you hold the key to my heart
Carefully held in your sway
Can't help but play
Your song in mine
And as the moon in the night
Borrows its light
So do I shine
Man, ain't it something
While thinking of one thing
I find you have taken its place
And why not? I mean,
You're the best there has been
You're the picture of beauty and grace
Submitted by ucenica7213 on Thu, 14/06/2018 - 08:57



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