Pour la peau (English translation)

English translation

For the skin

[Verse 1]
As you managed to wait.
The way you spoke to her
And as she resisted you
She wanted to defend herself
And it was almost beautiful
To see you both, almost beautiful
Your infinite patience
Her "no", "yes", "not here.
One day it happened
She wanted in your room
And everything went fine
And everything was very tender
But after, as always
It made you feel all peculiar
She washed herself quickly
You knew well how it's but...
What wouldn't you do for the skin?
[Verse 2]
Your blood went hot at once
You feel it run
Carry you anywhere
Make you do a bit of everything, unbridled
There, you are in your bed
And the girl is pretty
And after, you talk
And you say "I have someone";
You sleep under other sheets
For a long time already
That's why you are here
With your blood that sleeps
Under your hands, under your skin;
You blood peaceful finally
Peaceful, him at least
What wouldn't you do for the skin?
All of my work is dedicated to Ms Z. G., who is the real counterpart of Beatrice Portinari for me.
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Pour la peau

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