Presentación del cuartetazo "Los Bedronclos" (English translation)

English translation

Introduction of the Quartet "Los Bedronclos"

Look bro, it's a goal
the new beat of the Quartet
we Los Bedronclos are good and we get wet
only when we take a shower
On the bass is Santiago
he's a champion playing
he's catholic and goes to mass
without pants nor underpants
and the nuns relax him
and he answers, stop
you eat friar balls
I just show them
On the guitar is Riki
with an important problem
when he was little
everyone were tickling his balls
and now that they grew
they stopped mocking him
there were so many ticklings
that now he has nothing
On the drums is Alvarito
the guy is a casanova
but he suffers impotence
if he ends in the bed
and the girlfriend says
come on man please
but wait a moment
for the Targifor to make effect
And I'm Robertito
well known molester
I rape anything in hand
whether if it's man or woman
and I was screwing an old woman
and she said, stop
don't be mean robertito
don't you see I'm your mom
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Presentación del cuartetazo "Los Bedronclos"

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