Puede verme (English translation)

English translation

You can see me

You might see me
rolling on the floor laughing,
you might see me
showing my clumsiness dancing
You might see me
with a hole in my shirt
you might read
the nonsense I use to sing.
And mocking my friends
and enduring other mocks they do to me:
Big nosed, River fan,
mediocre singer.
You can see me playing cards,
you can see me drunk too,
you can see me laying at the beach
tanning the belly like you do.
You might see me
making more ashes
even if oftenly I promise
to relieve my lung.
You might see me
imitating the Mona Lisa
in a doodle
made with spray paint.
And it could be that I keep going
but I won't forget the friend,
that you took alive
and is no longer here.
You can see me walking by the plaza,
you can see me tracing the light,
you can see me because I show my face
I'd rather punch you than being an ostrich.
You can see me Mrs Oligarch,
you can see me Mr General,
you can see that I keep the scars
that you can't erase with a full stop.
You can see me among laughs and kisses
don't think that because of that I will forget.
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Puede verme

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