Quiero ser poeta (English translation)

English translation

I want to be a poet

I've learned how to walk
On top of the sun without burning my feel
I've been able to embrace it
Without feeling the heat they say it gives off
I've learned to fly
With the wind that blows just to see you
Even though you're so far
I'll come to look for you and later on, who knows
I want to be a poet
And tell you to your face
That I like you a little or, even better, madly
I want to be a poet
And beg you in person
To stay a little longer or, even better, forever
You scare me and I feel sorrow
Sorrow, little sorrow
I've learned to love you a little bit more every day
I've learned to forget you a little bit more every day
And I feel sorrow, little sorrow
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Quiero ser poeta

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