(come) rain or shine

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(come) rain or shine (English) — no matter what happens

English, explained by Anna Z on Sat, 21/09/2013 - 11:39
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(come) rain or shine — In good times or bad, whether it's convenient or not

English, explained by Steve Repa on Mon, 20/06/2016 - 16:07

(come) rain or shine — σε κάθε περίπτωση, ό,τι και να γίνει

Greek, explained by Anna Z on Fri, 06/09/2013 - 16:07

(come) rain or shine — گرینگ نیە باران دەبێ یان ساماڵ

Kurdish (Kurmanji), explained by agrin on Sat, 07/09/2013 - 21:43

(come) rain or shine — При любых обстоятельствах.

Russian, explained by anna.baranova.7545 on Fri, 09/03/2018 - 14:55

(come) rain or shine — U svakom slučaju

Serbian, explained by Guest on Tue, 17/01/2017 - 01:42

Translations of "(come) rain or shine"

Arabicليكن ما يكون
Bulgarianкаквото и да стане/ако ще турско да стане/света да се обърни
DutchWeer of geen weer
Filipino/TagalogUmulan man o umaraw
FinnishAntaa tulla lunta tupaan!
Frenchqu'il pleuve ou qu'il vente
Frenchquoi qu'il arrive
GermanKomme, was da kommen mag
Greekβρέξει χιονίσει
Greekπου να γυρίσει/'ρθει ο κόσμος ανάποδα/πάνω κάτω/τούμπα
Greekό,τι και να γίνει/συμβεί
Italianche piova o tiri vento
Italiancapiti quel che capiti
Persianهر چه بادا باد
PortugueseFaça chuva ou faça sol
RomanianCe-o fi o fi
Russianбудь что будет
RussianИли пан или пропал
SerbianПада киша или пада снег или грми.
SerbianКому опанци, кому обојци
SerbianЂа или бу
Spanishllueva o nieve/truene
Spanishvenga/pase lo que venga/pase
Turkishyagmur demem camur demem
Ukrainianабо пан, або пропав.

"(come) rain or shine" in lyrics

Only will have a glimpse
Of time
The slow hand
Whether it is snowing or blowing[fn]It may be linked with the expression 'Come rain or shine'[/fn]
The omnipresence
Stresses your absence

Mylène Farmer - If I had at least...

Give it a minute now

It's okay yeah
You'll be fine, come rain or shine
Say hey, yeah
I don't need to worry, hashtag fail, fail

Oscar Zia - #fail

Ain't got no trouble, laid on my mind
Why worry about tomorrow, all the lonesome time
Through stormy weather, come rain or shine
There ain't no mountain, that I wouldn't climb

Smokie - Everything A Man Could Need

He sings songs
Which give shivers
And I see myself on the road
Come rain or shine
And it's my heart he listens to
Our love in the wind

Édith Piaf - The vagabond

I'm gonna make it all work out for good this time

I'm makin' my way back to Chicago
I'm makin' my way come rain or shine
I'm gonna find true love waiting for me
I'm gonna make it all work out for good

Styx - Back To Chicago

If I'm to be seen from a place where you are,
I'm going to live on, believing we can surely meet again

That smile, come rain or shine, appearing on your face
Even though the memories of us fade away;
These feelings for you, in loneliness and with longings, are great tears to flow

Rimi Natsukawa - Great Tears to Flow

Entwined in mine,
It's a miracle I still breathe,

Come rain or shine,
Until all time,
I will love you eternally,

Lee Ryan - Don't leave me

I remember my grandma telling me,
"Todrick, there are three things in life you can't escape: death, taxes and Sunday school."
Well, turns out she was right!
Come rain or shine, I was there every single Sunday morning service
And since all my grandma's other eleven grandsons took to playing sports and chasing women
They left all the singing to me

Todrick Hall - Proud

To live for the sake of close people
Whose dear hearts make me stronger
With them until the end
Come rain or shine
Through joy and sadness
We make it through together

Tracktor Bowling - I'm alive

Say to me
Come rain or shine
Need to fly

The Adventures - Always

One leg over here, one leg over there, bloated with wine
four retired old boys (and one and all half-poisoned), passing the time.
And come rain or shine, this is where you’ll find them, always together
Bibulously guzzling, fouly imprecating women, government and weather.

Fabrizio De André - The Old Town

For the ground watered by the rain
That will become wheat fields

Come rain or shine
We must sing, sing to life

Cliff Richard - We must sing to life