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Treasure Island

Meet seaside, beach vibes
Me in the flip flops
La Isla, we slide
Leave it to me why?
Hips roll slow like the waves on the low tide
The shoreline, you're all mine
Ugh, nigga I done gave you the co-sign
The pussy so good niggas call it a gold mine
The coin shine is something I might like
The sea queen gave you an invite
Call your travel agent up and tell him to switch flights
My little sex face, wanna see what it look like
When you feel the boat rock, boy better grip tight
Seems like we gonna ride out to the moonlight
You know we're gonna...

Do you need some love in your lonely world?
'Cause I believe you'll like it where the moon
Twinkles on the watery horizon
How do I get you there?
So so ashamed to be lost for the words
To let you know that I'm sincere
The pleasuries are all on treasure island
How do I get you there?

Picture me on a jet ski
The pick of the litter, bitches really the pet peeves
Dive in your denim, wanna swim in your blue jeans
Usually in the crib in the west wing cha-ching
Lookin' for a mister with the chip and the big thing
You wanna get with it, wanna waters and lake spring
Little lady lagoon, nigga drown so deep like he fell in a pool
And he ate so good it’s like a fed him in spoons
On the coastline nude, got him humming my tunes
In pursuit for a puddle of loot
The mermaid, got the water for you
And the wave so wet that he wanted it too
Heard he claim soo-woo but he fell for the blue
You know how I do
You know how I do

Ocean hole to float ya boat
That's why all them niggas be on coast patrol
Soak and soap, the super soak
Boy you know you're sinking like a dose of dope
Junk in trunk, badonka-donk
I'mma back it up like a Tonka truck
Pounce and bounce to bounce on dick
Bounce on dick
Bounce on dick

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