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Useless love brings down your world
You paste your mortar and the bricks wıll hold themselves
Don't resist! Give up! Push reset
Life starts over from zero, everyday
The problems, the pains; what it does to you, oh!
See, you've turned into just skin and bones
Does that person deserve all this who went away, who made you sad?
See, you've turned into a tired body
Get your heart back with a reset; Come!
In this condition, isn't there a way out to your problem?
We passed through a long narrow road
If the ultimate result is death, it's no use anyway
Push reset! Push reset!
Reset your mind; push reset!
Relax a bit, you're always crippled
This isn't normal love, yours is a psychopathic love
It was already evident that it would go like this
Sometimes saying it, sometimes keeping quiet
A girl had taught me Russian
I wasn't expecting it to go personal
An expert knows which heart will beat,
that the flight will take of without delay
that he would interfere in any matter like a lunatic
Think well about how you're gonna sleep with, Girl!
Valueless people telling me I'm valueless
it means nothing to me
There is a 17 inch wheel in the clip
17 pinches; more like 17 feet
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