rip off

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Idiomatic translations of "rip off"

ξετινάζω / ξετίναγμα
Çalıp çırpmak

Meanings of "rip off"


to steal something

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a. Literally to tear off or pull off something, also used metaphorically
b. verb: to scam someone (out of something) literally and metaphorically
c. verb: to deceive someone
d. noun: theft literally and metaphorically
e. noun: cheat literally and metaphorically

a. (lit) The hurricane ripped off most of the roofs
a. (met) Thousands of families were ripped off from their homes
b. (lit) He was ripped off by some big talking broker
b. (met) The idea was ripped off out of a comic book
c. The government ripped everybody off to believe economy was doing well
d. (lit) I can't believe I've paid this much for this piece of shit, what a rip-off!
d. (met) His best design was a rip-off
e. He was caught ripping off a vending machine

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Explained by evfokas

kazıklamak, dolandırmak

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"rip off" in lyrics

G-Eazy - Him & I

2017 Bonnie and Clyde
Wouldn't see the point of living on if one of us died, yeah
Got that kind of style everybody try to rip off
YSL dress under when she takes the mink off

The Weather Girls - It's Raining Men

I feel stormy weather / Moving in about to begin
Hear the thunder / Don't you lose your head
Rip off the roof and stay in bed

Ricky Martin - what else you give

alone I want your love
I know that you said that nothing else would return to love you so
but you follow rip-off on me
I'll excuse you

Banda MS - Don't ask for forgivness

Don't say sorry because the line is thin between you and desire
the desire to rip off your shirt in seconds and kissing your body
don't say sorry because I'm vulnerable to all your assets

Soda Stereo - Signs

I'll calm your hysteria
with the teeth
I'll rip off your stockings [pantyhose, socks, etc...]

G-Eazy - El&eu

2017 Bonnie and Clyde
Wouldn't see the point of living on if one of us died, yeah
Got that kind of style everybody try to rip off
YSL dress under when she takes the mink off

Selçuk Yöntem - Sevmek Neymis Bir Gun Anlarsın

That horrible night that sorrounds your whole body
You would curse that you are alive
You would rip off everything whats left from past
Then a flower grews on my tomb by itself

Calle 13 - Pi-di-di-di (The Specialty of the House)

You don’t have to make an appointment, you are our guests
"Say cheese!", and a smile for the beach
So the sharks can rip off your heels
Because here in Puerto Rico, we are the toughest.

New Radicals - You get what you give

Just don't be afraid to live .......!

Health insurance rip off lying
FDA big bankers buying

Bob's Burgers (OST) - Bad Girls

Bad girls don't wanna go to college
And bad girls rip off all your doll's head
I don't wanna be this bad

Happoradio - Away from Kallio

Heat will reportedly still continue said a leather pants on tv
I count the ants from the kitchen and
Rip off wallpaper from the wall
I’ve been here for long

Ole Paus - On a Sofa from Ikea.

On a sofa from Ikea Mom is sitting clawing at Dad,
Then they shout and rip off all the clothes they have,
On and on they do this,

Chris Brown - I can transformer

And we can fly to wherever you ever thought of,
I take you to where its warmer,
Then i gotta rip off your dress like a warm up,
But I'm just getting warmed up,

The Twilight Saga (OST) - Sister Rosetta

You're on the bus again past Big Ben
With your rip off Oyster card
Tell your A.S.B.O. friend

Can Dündar - Aşık Olmadan Bir Düşün

it will not be good for you at all
But you will still do it
You will run away if someone say that you can rip off the pain inside you
You will resist to live the pain though you want to survive

Vanesa Martín - Tear off

You passed by me and I didn't know, I didn't see you.
Tear my skin off and get tangled with me,
Rip off my clothes and let's get tired until the morning comes.

Nek - Before You Speak

Point your guilt at me and your resentment
Tell me you won't forgive me
Rip off my cardboard wings
Scream that you never loved me

Judas Priest - Screaming for Vengeance

So you wait it out and bide your time
Rip off that straight jacket gotta break that line
Everyone who wins in the great escape

Tove Lo - My Gun

Heads turn, your body burned
Rip off your clothes for me
Make out, lash out

Vetusta Morla - The Bogeyman*

There's no pain, there's no pain, keep the rosary at hand
because the dictator has already fallen or so says the radio,
spreading the rumour that everything is a rip-off

Noir Désir - Let's head out for joy

Who will recreate the base?
Who will rebuild the bridge?
Who will manage to rip off
the concrete from behind the plains?

Daniel Balavoine - The Singer

That would throw themselves on me
That would admire me, that would kill me
That would rip off my virtue

Fettes Brot - Definition of Fat

And turning up the volume
You know instantly, why we’re called Fat Bread
Because our fat sound will rip off your ears
Fat is our rhythm, and fat is also the bass

Die Prinzen - All Just a Rip-off

It's all just a rip-off
But you're the only one who knows it,
It's all a rip-off,

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Higgs Boson Blues

He got the real killer groove
Robert Johnson and the devil, man
Don't know who is gonna rip off who
Driving my car, flame trees on fire

Razzy - If You Do Do - Pomp and Circumstance

Now I'm ready for take off, brace yourself for an explosion

For this trick, rip off your SHIRT
come on, follow me, I’ll show you thirst

Adelina Berisha - Something more

Touching everywhere
You make me die, you are a real bomb
I rip off your shirt
With my teeth

Efrat Gosh - Krav Igruf (קרב איגרוף - Boxing Match)

With all your power
Laugh, roar, hurt/hit
Wound, rip off, bang
So that you don't shut up ever again

Dia Frampton - The Broken Ones

I love the broken ones.

Maybe we can rip off the bandage.
Maybe you will see it for what it is.

Tibi Scobiola - I cannot forget

It hurts me that you’re not here
How can you live?
I cry and I make a sacrifice(lit. I rip off a part of me)
To be near you

Sielun Veljet - Life Is A Cobra

Dye the rye, fight the guy with fat feet
Try to find a windmill for your needs
Crease the crack, please the rip-off ding-dong
Roll the dice, feed the mice

Nightwish - Nymphomaniac Fantasia

Hear the starry choir

Rip off this lace
That keeps me imprisoned

Julio Jaramillo - Disappointment

But I know it’s impossible
to rip off my chest
my broken heart

Giorgos Mazonakis - Nights are to blame for

The dream that you left unfinished is to blame for too

I rip off the curtains of silence
Hopefully so you show up on my way

Poetry - The excommunication of Father Antiochus rector of Masuddas

may you stink like a goat
and stink like a fox,
may every dog rip off
a little piece of your skin

29/09 - Burn

To commit one single murder: to love its vision

I'll rip off your face just like you tear out a page
I dream of your screams, of your blood, of your tears

Myslovitz - Voices

I don't know from where

Look at the mirror, rip off your face
Today you have the real one

Maxime Le Forestier - Hymn to silk

You keep the silk lingerie

Either you rip off
Or you go away

Medina - Strip Pt. 2

I am your slave, will be your slave, baby
A female stripper in your eyes, that's okay
Rip off my clothes until I'm naked, know you love it
Baby, I am yours, only want to be yours, uh

Jey V - Two Faces

With you she's so hot
She have two faces
That lady know's rip off

Bombaj Štampa - Dark and me

Everyone is born, everyone dies
Dark is climbing upwards my bed
I rip off its nugget
And put it under my head

Arisa - You Know What?

And you wanted to be there...
But then your husband comes back home
That is always a rip-off, but of another kind

Lynda - Damn Shyness

My subconsciousness talks a lot more
But someday I'll jump on you
and I'll rip off even your shirt
in a caress

Gnarkill - Pantyhose Pornshop!

Watch me fight a grizzly bear,
first thing I do
is rip off his pants and suck out his goo.
Yeah, in a beehive,

Mister djs - I Wanna Lay You Down

You have no shame
You're begging me
To rip off your panties

Rodgau Monotones - The Hessians are Coming

"Do you have to be like that?"
"You Hippy-ass."
"Could you stop with that wacky rap, that's all a rip-off, it's just cheap and boring."

Paraziții - Fuck you and your mother (in the throat)

Let's raise our hands to the maestro Mr. Marius Moga*
How many of you are aware that Simplu&Cream**
Are just a shitty rip off of Outkast- So Fresh So Clean?

DJ Farfengo - The Road to You (Pamphlet)

A euro for this paper
Is in very truth a rip-off
I only want one path

Monrose - Hot Summer

I keep it composed
Just wanna rip off my clothes
I wanna give out a toast

After School - Rip Off

In this electrifying eyes, baby boy hands up

Oh oh, ah ah Hurry up, Hurry up! Rip off!

Les Misérables (OST) - Master Thénardier

Are phonies
Or pheasants
Who rip off the tourist.
It not grow on trees,

David Antunes - You're my happy ending

Find wicked witches
Eat poisoned apples
My mirror that used to rip off me

La MC Malcriado - The son of Creoles

The sons of creoles come and go, spread over the world
A son of creole don't forget, don't lose, don't rip off their roots
We are the sons of creoles

Fler - Lady Killa

Quickly enter your number in my smartphone
You better watch out if you come to our date today
I rip off girls' panties like break songs
I get you naked in front of the mirror, Cleopatra

Ramona Rey - Shar-p-e-n

Shar-p-e-n the shapes, then blur, rip off, scatter and let them merge, foretell and let them see the next day.
Shar-p-e-n the shapes, then blur, rip off, scatter and let them merge, foretell and let them see the next day.
Shar-p-e-n the shapes, then blur, rip off, scatter and let them merge, foretell and let them see the next day.

MC Garden - This Is Brazil

And the avenues are like junk
What give the luck to be living
The damn pilot rip off his arm
In the social medias only jokes about it

Banda MS - Don't ask me for forgiveness

((Don't ask me for forgiveness, the line is thin between you and desire...
The desire to rip off your blouse in seconds and kiss your body
Don't ask me for forgiveness because I'm completely vulnerable to your charm

B.o.B - Lambo

I go so retarded, go the hardest don’t you see
You can look around the world, still never find another me
With that said I'mma rip off heads
Whoever running shit, then I’ll break y’all legs

Linkin Park - 1Stp Klosr

Waiting alone, I cannot resist
Feeling this hate, I have never missed
Please, someone give me a reason to rip off my face
Blood is a pouring

Lluís Llach - Death knells

yet you're so old;
envious of such a beautiful youth,
you've been wanting to rip off their limbs,
but you won't be able to because we remember their bodies

NX Zero - From Now On

Will show exactly where to go
We've a lot to live
We can't rip off the time anymore
I'm here to say I'd never

Ravi (South Korea) - Ghost

Click clack, I’ma pull the trigger at your feedback bomb blocka
Rather than saving up and getting a stomachache
I’m the type to rip off a big bite
My mental state is already free

Stefan Waggershausen - Vagabond Heart

C'mon, don't make that face like your best friend just died.
This is how it is and that's all, and I don't like lies.
Don't rip off my wings, let me go.
You will soon forget me, you'll see.

Ganxsta Zolee és a Kartel - No Power

this fuckin' world stimulates to it every fuck
here the stake is my being
My pride cest I fuckin' rip off
and I pass through the wall, like a bullet

Animal Collective - Summertime clothes

Home for the breeze, get a midnight meal
I'll point in the windows, you point out the parks
Rip off your sleeves and I'll ditch my socks
Dance to the songs from the cars as they pass

Bart Baker - Break Free Parody

Hey bitch
Not only did you rip off my song
You took my projectile boob move

Metal Church - Human Factor

I just need a sample 'cause no one says it's wrong
It's so easy to rip-off using someone else's songs
Everybody wants to be a star in modern days

OK KID - February ( Coffee Warm 2 )

Rip off what rips you apart
Rip off what rips you apart

Owl City - Peppermint Winter

It's keeping me warm

I rip off the wrapping and tear through the box
Till I end up with 45 new pairs of socks

Dimitris Mitropanos - I shift faces

I pay the signs of fear pretty hard.

I'll rip off [some] soft wood to build a ship.
I don't want it to sail only for it to be there.

Gacho - I Want

At least for an hour rip, rip off everyone's roofs.
I, I want to, I want to rip, rip off the roof.
At least for an hour rip, rip off everyone's roofs.

Kuuluud - The World Turns

ends with a trophy lost, a stone Monet*,
stolen stealthily from the pyramid's tomb,
and falling, it is a rip-off portrait of the sphynx
whose soul is cached in the cache of my rhyme book

Loreen - Jungle

I'll be around, I'll be around
Time to rip off all your clothes now
I rip off your clothes now

Casseurs Flowters - Take coins

[Verse 2: Orelsan]
Call to a bank under a false name
Or rip off old ones, ask them to check the appropriate box
Sell used cars

Chieko Baisho - Doll of Bride

If she weeps
The red sleeves will rip off
The red patterns will be blurred by tears

Cem Adrian - Do you remember me?

Do you remember me
That shining diamond in my heart
How you rip off

Kaan Tangöze - The Opposite Letter

If you are partners, don’t weigh up much
Don’t forget to rip off your friend
Condemn running away from a fight

Alice in Wonderland (OST) - The Walrus and the Carpenter

we will make a sauce of a very tasty flavor,
in order to eat according to the law,
for that is the "cammond" [fn value="1"] laughs his head off - monda comes from the verb mondar meaning to laugh one's head off , also to clean out /rip off, or to peel [/fn] of the King.

Tire le coyote - Love Song In Standard G

Let's go without thinking of tomorrow,
With our instinct as our only tool
Let down your guard a little, rip off your armour,
Plunder your mind of any future thoughts

Rettore - Bastard

And I love you

I'll rip off of your face
That mocking smile of yours

Stratovarius - Elysium

Tonight I'll find what I've been searching for
You can rip off my wings once more
I'm not afraid anymore

Anastasios Rammos - Traveler

How can I live in this world?
When some people think I'm stupid
They rip off my wings as I'm flying
I'm an airplane with no pilot

VideoGameRapBattles - Minecraft Vs Terraria

That's as original as your game concept!
Step up to the mic, I become aggressive!
I've never seen a rip-off so unimpressive!
You know that you'll never test me again,

B.U.G. Mafia - A 2 and Three of 0

The same temp, another rhytm to rip off your speakers,
Forever for forever is the name


Like only girls in this world
Mixing the color which we each have
No other can rip off our style

Auletta - An angel no king

like yoooouuuu

I tell lies I rip off the whole world
if it enters you then I enter it again

VideoGameRapBattles - Street Fighter Vs Mortal Kombat

See you and Marvel VS Capcom 3, oh no wait, I won't!

-Cobra was a rip off of me, can't you just think for each other?
Oh wait, you can't 'cause you're a wannabe version of your brother!

CupcakKe - Duck Duck Goose

Let me brush your pubic hairs while I suck on your cock
Get all the cum out your dick, make it go out-of-stock
Turn it into a Yeezy shirt when you rip off my top
My box already small, it don't need to be cropped

Highly Suspect - Fuck Me Up

All you gotta know is I'm a dangerous man

So, hey, little girl, you rip off your shirt
You lean on your heels while I lift up your skirt

Loredana Bertè - Moon

And fuck you, moon
Since that rip-off
Since that luckless night

Raptori - Oh baby 2

Where I fooled around with you once
Soon I'll come and expose that wretch
Then I'll rip off his head
Oh no - not in the ear!

Zahara (España) - A Walk to L.A.

I'd like to be able to put you on the desk
Rip off your uniform, open up your legs
The cards face up, my hands at your tongue

Supertramp - Crime of The Century

Who are these men of lust, greed, and glory?
Rip off the masks and let see.
But that's no right - oh no, what's the story?

Ayumi Hamasaki - Marionette

For the sake of no one else

And rip off the masks
With our own hands

Dschinghis Khan - Life is good

That's for sure
a rip-off
a rip-off
In case you didn't know

Cali - Your Eyes

Your eyes which shoot
“I’m going to rip off your finger”
and “Why don’t you play piano

The Neighbourhood - Flowers

Something I hate all for your sake
I'm such a fake, I'm just a doll
I'm a rip-off and it turns you on

Davide Van de Sfroos - The Bus

the road that is a kind soul
or the road that yells.
That road that is a rip-off,
and that road that is a beautiful girl…

Daddy Yankee - Me against you

However, your presence torments my wounds
Who are you to take away my breasts that are sources of life?
Who are you to rip off the petals of this flower?
But I'm a lotus, I'm pure and honorable

Horrible Histories - Celtic Boast Battle

So let's clear the air, grab a chair,
I've got flair, when I fight a bear.
I rip off it's skin, for my wife to wear,
I did it for a dare, I'm your worst nightmare -

Turbo - The Taste Of Silence

you know every hit by heart,
so you shout out something right into the darkness
and you scream yourself hoarse[fn]lit.: "you rip off your voice until it bleeds"[/fn].

KDrew - Flying Bass Kick

Bass. Let the bass kick.
Get ready for the kick-off.
This is hardcore real deal no rip-off.

Sektor Gaza - Fool

I even give them flowers, a classy chap when sober
I humiliate the bitches, completely annihilate them
And rip off their breasts, when I'm a stupid drunk

Coez - Disappointed in me

We could just don't hang out tonight and maybe never see each other again
Without holding our hands, in Milan's smog
Just rip off our clothes, compete with each other to see who has more scars

Courtney Act - Body Parts

[Verse 2]
Now that you got me is this what you thought
Rip off the labels, I'm not what you bought
But you still like me, what does that mean

Andrey Lenitsky - Forget

Hands on the hood, cops.
But I do not care.
I rip off my hands from his neck.
Your kisses are bullets.

Lya - Tell me you love me

But it couldn't be,
I've fallen again and don't know how I'll get up
not having you hurts, I want to rip off my skin
and don't feel that I embraced you, I embraced you

French Cartoon Songs - Message from Space: Galactic Wars

My name is Tonto[fn]the R2D2 rip-off got christened "cosmic thingie" in French :D [/fn]
I say again, Tonto

Ali As - Mercedes

Währ'nd ich zum Himmel raufblick' und mit Gott red'
Ich bezahl' mein'n Traum mit Einsamkeit und Kopfweh
Ich bin Hip-Hop, ihr seid rip-off
Ich erkläre euch den Krieg wie ein Geschichtsprof, yeah

Sektor Gaza - Vampire Hunters

A machine gun won't harm them
But our aspen stake will send their souls to hell
Rip off their claws, snap their horns
And break their fucking rib cages

Clem Sacco - Kiss my varicose vein

Kiss my varicose vein!
Suck my wisdom tooth!
Rip off my hair on the mole!

Alligatoah - Stabbed

wasp's nest
And when i find you then, when i find you
Then i will rip off your little legs one by one then you can put them
in hell on the grill

Lluís Llach - The Bells Toll for the Dead

And you're already so old;
Envious of such great youthful beauty,
You wanted to rip off his extremities.
But you won't succeed, for we all preserve that light

Queen - Flick Of The Wrist

Reduce you to a muzak fake machine
Then the last goodbye (aah-ahh, aah-ahh, aah-ahh, aah-ahh)
It's a rip off

HGich.T - Harz 4

20kg Weed
I put The phonebook of my neighbour into the carton
I rip off the sender
and glue the HSV picture over it

Saara Aalto - Hän

'cause I found beauty in the dark
Now that I see my own reflection
I rip off the bandage on my heart

Epic Rap Battles of History - Deadpool vs Boba Fett

And your bars are like your old pal Cable: fucking basic
I'll smack a merc in the mouth if he doesn't quit running that lip off
Bitch, who you calling clone, you're a Deathstroke rip-off
You stole Spiderman's eyes and Snake Eyes' weapons

Thalía - Habits

your smell that doesn´t pass
and the sound of your smile
rip off my chest
the piece of my life

Bullet for My Valentine - Fever

Come here you naughty girl you're such a tease
You look so beautiful down on your knees
Keep on those high heel shoes rip off all your clothes
You smell so fucking good it makes me lose control!

Marko Tolja - Anchor

I fly over quicksand sea
Threads around the body grew falsely
They don't let you rip off completely

Elint - Feminine Adrenalin

Vampire girl
And for a start
Rip off my heart
Let's take a walk

Song Parodies - Scouter's Paradise

wore our uniforms once of twice
living in a scouter's paradise
we sell wreaths at rip off price
living in a scouter's paradise

Rebel Son - One Way Or Another

I'll turn your face into a wreck,
Well I'm gonna fuck you up.
Rip off your head, shit down your neck,
I'm gonna fuck you up.

6ix9ine - RONDO

All up in my pants and I'm rich (yeah)
All up on the couch dancing on shit, yeah
Pay me in advance, off rip (off rip)
Tell Lil' mama do the dance on this dick (dick)

Bloc Party - We Are Not Good People

If you don't know now then you never will, never will
Oh, you're too young to be so heavy
Rip off the seal and let me school you