Rotten luck

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Idiomatic translations of "Rotten luck"

Tough luck
Che sfortuna
Che sfiga

Meanings of "Rotten luck"


Bad luck. Used to express sympathy or commiserations. (ref. Oxford Dictionary)

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"Rotten luck" in lyrics

Notre-Dame de Paris (musical) - You're Going To Destroy Me

which surges into my veins,
which causes to my insanity,
to my rout, to my rotten luck,
I'll dive softly

Claude Nougaro - Armstrong

I am white-skinned
When one wants to sing about hope,
what a rotten luck !
Granted, I see the sky, the bird,

La Fouine - It's a Hell

Hen OK, my generation; wants bitches and banknotes
Don't say you wanna stop if you got a slut reputation
Rotten luck luck follows me closely like Strauss-Kahn
We're such starving that we snog chicks by cam' (webcam)

Olivia Ruiz - La petite voleuse

And if comes the day when I'm got rotten luck
In front of the court, I won't loose my temper

Amel Bent - Believe in Me

The pain is written on my face!
Mister Panache, what do you have to say about this?
I wanted a stand-off, what rotten luck !
We all need to be recognized !

Charles Aznavour - Happy Anniversary

It's a quarter to eight as we fretfully wait
For your little black dress; that was promised by six
Is it just rotten luck when we're doing the town
That the fates should conspire to let us mortals down

Shurik’N - Sure of nothing

What we’re living is not life
Here or elsewhere, there ain’t no seasons
Rotten luck follows our talons
Nothing is predictable under the neon lights

Les Double Six - Racketeering and bullets

(What a rotten luck!)
For a stunning doll, stop a couple of bullets.
(What a rotten luck!)

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Thirsty Dog

I hope they'll speak to me again
I said before I'd pay for all the damages
I'm sorry it's just rotten luck
I'm sorry I've forgotten how to fuck

Unknown Artist (Finnish) - Fellows from Sörnäinen

Siberian plain is enormous
Sonja is shoveling snow there
:,: Sonja had rotten luck when
west wind brought new snow :,:

Ludo - Anything for You

Is the one where I am growing old with you.

I was having rotten luck and nothing went my way
'Til I stumbled on a clearing in the woods.

Fabrizio Moro - Everybody

And thirty years and the marriage
And the rotten luck and the pinzimonio
And the fair-haired dyed delays

Tristan - In a good mood this morning


Ah well, rotten luck, I owe them too much
now the going is much easier with an empty stomach

Petit élève - Uncle Jeannot dreams in German

just like every night, except tonight he doesn't sleep.

Uncle Jeannot had rotten luck.
He was born a bit too close to the German border

Austin Egen - I need a new bride for Sunday

I need a new bride for Sunday,
since, what a rotten luck, they pinched the old one from me.
That's why I'm running around yelling

Raymond Queneau - Abusive

from the sweat of the previous passenger's butts.

Two hours later, what a rotten luck,
I stumble on the same jerk babbling

Hippocampe Fou - The Sandman

Whatever I do, there is always hitch,
I spend most of my time swimming in a dirty lake.
My rotten luck stays persistent, my loneliness is vile;
I sometimes tell my wife an ungrateful prostiwhore.

Hatsune Miku - After the End of a Dream

Doo la doo doo

Even if we were having rotten luck,
Even if we were in hard weather,

Iron Maiden - The Talisman

Holding on for our dear lives
And we're praying once again
Rotten luck or just jonahed?
The talisman is in my hand