Ruleta (English translation)

English translation


At Comodoro you ripped my skin off
a long trip to the cruel desert
your green eyes, an oasis for my thirst.
I wanna take you with the roulette
red is the blood, green the freedom rag
but my luck is black, my teeth will blast.
How you're spinning today
where will you stop today
I have up to the half
all well covered you see
you're on my street
and I already crowned you.
And I'm all my life here
I'm betting oh
the ball is spinning
where will you stop today
you're on my street
and I already crowned you.
Every day brings its colour
and every night I'll be a gambler
the zero always spinning around
I no longer believe in the chance
just all of this had to happen
thank you employee bank, special tip
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