Sálvame (English translation)

English translation

Save me

Eighty years ago they placed me
to make the street less grey,
Eighty years since I'm holding
to what they leave me as root.
Save me, don't hurt my skin,
Save me... I'm your friend... Can't you see...
Save me and from the air you give me
I'll give you back new air too.
I come from the begginging of the ceenturies,
my dress covers you of salt
and gives you an embrace of river
and the freshness of the spring.
Save me, I'm part of your being,
Save me... If I die, you die too.
Save me that wherever you are
I'm the one who will quench your thirst drop by drop.
Every little piece of this earth:
Sap, cloud, blood, stone and light,
we are all wandering around
the same orbit as you.
Save yourself, don't mistreat your place,
have yourself the right to breath.
Save yourself... Or there won't be tomorrow
who gives a chance to life again.
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