Sīsū, Ko Koe Pē (English translation)


Sīsū, Ko Koe Pē

Sīsū, ko koe pē, ko e maama mo'onia
Fa'ahinga poto kehekehe, ko ho huelo ia
Ko e kakai kotoa, na'e fa'u 'a e Tohi Tapu
Nau ma'u pē mei he 'afiona 'a e me'a ne nau 'a'au.
Hahanga 'a e kakala 'a e lou'akau ki langi
Ke ma'u 'a e maama mei he La'ā, ke nau mo'ui ai
Pehe pē ke tau tali 'a e ivi 'o e Tohi:
"Hanga 'a e 'atamai ki ai, ke ma'u ai ha mālohi."
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English translation

Only Thou, Jesus

Jesus, only thee alone, art thou the true light
Thy wisdom in all things likens to a ray of sunlight.
All nations were established by the Word of God1
It is through Him2 that they reap the rewards of what they sow.
The petals of the flowers face towards heaven
So that they may receive in the sun's light and flourish.
So, too, that we may receive the fullness of the Book3
"Direct your thoughts to [me], that [you] may thereby receive strength."
  • 1. lit. Holy Bible
  • 2. referring to Jesus
  • 3. referring to the Holy Bible.
"Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise!"
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