Sen Ağlama (English translation)


Sen Ağlama

Hasret Oldu Ayrılık Oldu
Hüzünlere Bölündü Saatler
Gördüm Sarkan Iki Damla Yaş
Ayrılıkta Sevgiyle Beraber
Bir Şarkı Bir Şiir Gibi
Yaşadım Canım Acıları
Senden Bana Hatıra Şimdi
Sakladım Sevgili Kederleri
Bir Sır Gibi Saklarım Seni
Bir Yemin Bir Gizli Düş Gibi
Ben Bu Yükü Taşırım Sen Git
Git Acılarla...
Sen Ağlama Dayanamam
Ağlama Göz Bebeğim Sana Kıyamam
Al Yüreğim Senin Olsun
Yüreğin Bende Kalırsa Yaşayamam...
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English translation

Don't cry

It became longing, it became a separation
The hours split into sadness
I saw two drops of tears fall*
Along with love and separation
Like a song, like a poem
The pain my soul has lived
are the memories from you now
I saved the loved sorrows
I hide you like a secret
Like a promise, like a secret dream
I can bear this heavy burden, go
go, don't get hurt**
Don't cry, I can't bear it
Don't cry my dear***, I can't stand seeing you sad****
Take my heart, it's all yours
If my heart stays with me I won't be able to live
Submitted by snowreem on Sat, 24/02/2018 - 04:47
Added in reply to request by Samira Khaled
Author's comments:

* A mistake in the posted lyrics - it should be Gördüm akan (meaning flowing/running)
** Another mistake - it should be Git acılanma ( acılarla would mean go away with the pain)
*** Göz Bebeğim literally means the eye's pupil but its commonly used to express deep love to someone that you also give value to (because the eye's and one's sight is very valuable)
**** Unfortunately, there isn't an english equivalent of Kıyamam - it's a VERY common word in turkish that if i translate it I would define it as: to not have the heart or strength to see a beloved person in pain/sad/upset ..etc.

This is a great song and Feride has a wonderful voice Regular smile I would also recommend listening to the original by Sezen Aksu

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Mira4    Thu, 12/07/2018 - 08:57

Very precise translation and great explanations to help us understand. Many thanks!