Serial Number of Turbo (English translation)

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Serial Number of Turbo

for instance, there is always that unbroken wall
just a little is showing through and can be seen, a floating yearning
because the voice of a vague midnight wind is carrying anxiety, I ran away
where are we in the map we had that time?
take a look too
I don’t understand the vague serial number, try try try, one page of myself
tell me, heart heart heart, return, white white white
when I sleep I want to dream of that time
for instance, these unfilled holes are always there
that which emits brightness and wears it, it isn’t bad
regarding me who chased ideals, the soul full of holes is broken
still, distorted colors are mixed up and create a tale and a call for a miracle?
drifting to the antenna, I absorbed a map of a daze, full of holes
if I lose sight of this place, the distorted was state beautiful
chasing and chasing and chasing and chasing and
not catching up, not catching up, not catching up, I want to meet you
put in the vague serial number, call call call, one page of myself
tell me, heart heart heart, very fast, turbo turbo turbo
I want to dance with the evening scenery of that time, really want to
the serial number is quietly changing, hone the turbo turbo turbo
because I’ll meet you before I die
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Serial Number of Turbo

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