Si no te hubiera conocido (English translation)

English translation

If I Hadn’t Met You

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One day, like a beautiful dawn, your love came.
You made the rain stop and the sun to come out again, lighting up my empty nights.
Since I met you, everything in my life has changed
Seeing you, I knew that, at last, my pain would fade away and that we would always be one. (to be two in Spanish is best expressed as to be one in english)
In love with each other, hand in hand forever.
If I had never met you, I don’t know what would have become of me, my love. Without your loving glance, I don’t know if I could live.
Without the beat of your heart.
The world is colder.
Life wouldn’t make sense if I hadn’t met you.
I dreamed my whole life of your arrival
I picture you as a beautiful flower
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Si no te hubiera conocido

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