Sisu e ‘alo ‘ofa mai (English translation)


Sisu e ‘alo ‘ofa mai

(Veesi I)
Sisu e ‘alo ‘ofa mai
Lahi fau ‘a e kavenga ni
Taumaia neu malava hano fua
Mamafa moe mafasia
Ala mai ho nima
To’o atu ‘eku kavenga
Fua mu’a ‘I ho uma
Kau tau’ataina
(Veesi ii)
Tauange mai a ‘oku a'u atu pe
‘a e tangi moe to’e
‘ofa mai a ‘ihe ‘eku mo’ui
‘ikai ha taha ‘e tokoni
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English translation

Have Mercy Upon Me, O Jesus

1st Verse
Have mercy upon me, O Jesus
This burden is too great
Oh, that I wish to bear it with thee
So great and burdensome.
Give thou thy hand
Take my burden
Carry it upon thy shoulders
So that I may be free.
2nd Verse
Come to me, I will join thee
The tears and moans
Have pity on my soul1
There is no one else that will give aid.
  • 1. lit. life
"Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise!"
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