Sois pauvre et tais-toi ! (English translation)

English translation

Be poor and shut your gob!

Be poor and shut your gob,
you measly checkout girl.
Only your wages are
on a discount at Tesco's.
Be poor and shut your gob,
you measly civil servant.
You should be ashamed
to cost us so much money!
And if you're not happy,
as our president says,
if you're not happy, just get
the hell out of the country1...
Every day we struggle
in the commuter train.
Stuffed like cattle,
off to work we go.
While Nicolas
jogs in the woods,
we freeze our asses off
waiting for the tram.
Be poor and shut your gob,
you the fireman.
You know, saving lives
doesn't save money.
Be poor and shut your gob,
you measly railway worker
You know, privileges2
are not for the Prole!
We struggle every day
We struggle every day
Be poor and shut your gob,
you measly little nurse.
You will never get paid
for all your overtime.
Be poor and shut your gob,
you little riffraff.
Just smoke your pot
We struggle every day...
Be poor and shut your gob...
Be poor!
  • 1. Allsusion to the far-right motto "France: love it or leave it" which was one of the recurrent pitches of Sarkozy's
  • 2. Rail worker unions are one of the last strong opposition force in France. Each time they go on strike, they get lambasted by right wing politicians for enjoying a "privileged" social status
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Sois pauvre et tais-toi !

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