Soul mate

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Soul mate (English) — 1. a person who is perfectly suited to another in temperament.
2. a person who strongly resembles another in attitudes or beliefs, i.e. ideological soul mates.

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Translations of "Soul mate"

Arabicتوأم الروح
RussianДуша в душу

"Soul mate" in lyrics

Now both Yours and mine paths are the same
Wherever You'll go, I'll be there

If I say that, Soul-mate of mine
You are an angel from heaven or a fairy
This praise is just nothing, compared to the whole truth

Sonu Nigam - If I Say


My soul mate
You are my pearl
And only by your side that (is)

Mika Mendes - Magic

Why don't you come here and let me love you because you are the reason I'm living,
Darling you are my world and I would die if someone else touched you,
Why don't you come here and realize that I'll be yours tomorrow,
I'm the teacher in this world and I really think I'm your half (other half--soul mate),
Our love is one of a kind, impossible to find,
And tomorrow you will see that I'm the only one who can feel for you,

Nancy Ajram - Why Don't You Come Here

of a wandering Jew, of a Greek shepherd
and my hair with the four winds
I will come, my sweet prisoner
my soul mate, my source of life
I will come to drink your twenty years
and I'll become the prince of blood

Georges Moustaki - The Metic

I confess, I'm not happy
I was living on love
Today I don't have my soul mate anymore
I'm listening to my pain
And silence is heavy

Christophe Maé - I have left

Neither friends nor family.
This love we have is forever.
Like the bible says
My soul mate
My better half,
In my heart.

Farruko - Obsessed

I've got to take it on the otherside

A scarlet starlet and she's in my bed
A candidate for a soul mate bled
Push the trigger and pull the thread
I've got to take it on the otherside

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Otherside

isi umeed ke sahare
(im waiting for you)
kar raha hu rehguzar
(telme where you are my soul mate)
kaho kahan ho humsafar
(where are you hiding tell me where)

Bombay Vikings - Where are you

my, i want to drink the sweat off your intellect. reflect, and watch your light passion off my neck. caress the sight of your presence with no question. undress, to the nakedness of love, pure love. i want to make love to my soul mate. my soul mate. make love to my soul mate. my soul mate. make love to my soul mate. shit.

i wonder how does it feel to make love to your soul mate. kind of like writing poetry till climax. till the point and place where our space and time match, and we, cross divine paths. tell me would you like that. how would like that. tell me would you like that. now would you like that. tell me would you like that. would you like that. tell me.

i wanna love you more than madly. wrap these legs, around your words. until your speech is straddled deep, gladly. swim the currents of your vibrations. be separate and one. with the same meditation. with the same meditation. this is poetry.

Akua Naru - Poetry: How Does It Feel?

Soul Mate
You're right next to me but I miss you every time
You know it's not a habit,it's just pure love
You're right next to me but I pretense anyway
I'm like (I say) wow!It's cold!And then I take you by the hand
Don't ever go away cause if you do,I'll die being lonely

Moein - Soul Mate

My beloved,
My dream romance
Divine idyll,
My soul mate
My romance

Vanessa Paradis - Heavenly Romance

We used to be so so soulful
Al Green on the background vocals
T-Total we're on the next high
We get by with a so called soul mate made for each other chit chat
But that dried up wise up to the cutting edge facts
Now I'm chilling on my Jack Jones

Example - Changed The Way You Kiss Me

Where will you be, my soul?
I run away without you.
Where will you be, a beautiful soul?
The soul mate,
Where will you be?...
Even if you are behind the moon

Eros Ramazzotti - Soul Mate

And my hair to the four winds

I will come, my sweet captive
My soul mate, my living source
I will come to drink your twenty years old

Georges Moustaki - The Foreigner

and that all worries, all worries fade away and
we would meet some guys.. with the best hairstyles..
we would have the time of our lives
we were young we were never apart true soul mate hearts
we were having fun but it was more than that
you could read my mind

Selah Sue - I truly loved ya

I don't really like big crowds
I tend to shut people out
I like my space, yeah
But I'd love to have a soul mate
And God'll give him to me someday
And I know it'll be worth the wait

Tori Kelly - Dear No One

greek shepherd or wandering Jew
and with my hair where the wind sears
I'll come for you my captured one
my sweet soul mate, life giving sun
I'll come and drink your twenty years
and I shall be blue blooded prince

Georges Moustaki - The metic

I believe we all have a soul mate
The chance for a perfect duet
I believe in hopeless devotion

Teen Beach (OST) - Meant to Be

all the people can forget and forget,but why can't i forget you?

come back to me my heart is with you , i can't forget your love,oh my beloved ,the most beautiful angel ,my soul mate
come back to me ,my heart is with you , i can't forget your love,oh my beloved ,the most beautiful angel ,my soul mate

i have hope ,my hope is to see you again in my arms

Tamer Hosny - come back to me

If the only distance between us is one breath, then take my breath
To become one, if taking my death is enough (is a solution), then take my breath

From the bottom of silence pit (cavity) to the sound highness (voice), you were my companion (soul mate), oh dear
All the way long, you were with me, deeply in love

Googoosh - Breath

Come back to me ... my heart is with you , I cant forget your love my darling ,
Oh most beautiful angel . My soul mate
Come back to me ... my heart us with you , I cant forget your love my darling
oh most beautiful angel , My soul mate

I hope that I can see you again in my arms

Tamer Hosny - COME BACK TO ME

Or maybe less

Impatient soul
Wishes to find soul mate
For company
For friend (female)

Michel Polnareff - Cuddling Soul

He will support her on his shoulder
To wear on her beautiful tresses,
if his beloved asks him even for his flower of life,
"Take it, pluck it, my soul-mate" he will say.
Love is like god.
Even while it is present, we think it is missing.

Haricharan & Marrianne - After seeing you

come back to me my heart is with you , i can't forget your love,oh my beloved ,the most beautiful angel ,my soul mate

come back to me ,my heart is with you , i can't forget your love,oh my beloved ,the most beautiful angel ,my soul mate

i have hope ,my hope is to see you again in my arms

Tamer Hosny - come back to me

The ones he collects, he renews
She loves him (x4)

And he urges to win back the soul mate
A young girl who has barely had time to mature
He undoes

Joyce Jonathan - The trap


Reyli Barba - SOULMATES

Wandering Jew or Greek shepherd
And my hair to the four winds
I’ll come, my sweet captive
My soul mate, my living spring
I’ll come and drink of your youth

Georges Moustaki - The wog

When he leaves me for just a second, my soul runs after him
My heart is at odds with me every night until I am with him
He is my soul mate and the only beloved I will ever have
When he is in my arms or near me I forget about everybody else

Elissa - A New Life

your eyes charmed me
i haven't taste the sleep for a night

my soul mate,my life
i can't believe that i found you
i dream of you in my nights

Wael Kfoury - Layla wa ya lelli

I wish it could pass the mountains, hills and reach your hair

The ones who break up while they are in love
You're my soul mate
I would feel if you have forgotten
Your image wouldn't stand next to me every morning if you have forgotten

Ayna - The Ones Who Break Up While They Are In Love

Don't worry about me, I am used to this cruel separation,

Oh, you, who are the sunrise of the first friend,
Oh, you, my friend, my soul mate to the end,
Have a Safe journey, Oh my special, faithful companion,
Whatever your fate is, wherever your destination, beyond the borders of the universe limitations or behind the moments,

Dariush - My Forever Faithful Companion

Drizzle the rain behind the window
The moments of live with you
The last reason to keep survive
You are my soul mate
You shout my silence

Googoosh - My Soul mate

Baby were fate
Love like this may come once
Baby were fate
Like a soul mate your my penguin
Baby were fate
Baby it's fate

Christina Perri - Penguin

And don't rush back to jostle my heart
Even if I'll cry without you
Go look somewhere else
You will find perhaps that man or soul mate
Who will fill up your hours

Christophe Maé - Go look elsewhere

With you I'm complete
With you, I want to spend the rest of my life
Dear lord, make him to be my soul mate
Only him could makes me dazzled

Astrid (Indonesia) - Dazzled

I couldn't pass on the doping control
I love you so much it hurts

When you find your soul mate and your heart recognizes it,
it's like being born again
Since I met you, I'm another man

Nedeljko Bajić Baja - Non stop

you will remain for very long
the twin of my soul (my soul-mate)
then when i will live again (in the next life)
i will look for you again

Soni Malaj - My Soul-mate

There's someone in my heart, I write (her) every night, she's sleeping! I don't want (her) to know, my heart is so impatient for (her).

Once again, a piece paper, a pen has become soul mate of this crazy (in love) heart. A letter soaked in tears, but still no one is reading it!

Morteza Pashaei - There'is someone!

I stay on the beach of Vama Veche
Having a kiss in my ear,
Only on the beach of Vama Veche
Shall we have found our soul-mate.

[video: width:350 height:250]

Vama Veche - Vama Veche

I echo again that old story of the soul mate
They say that each one has somewhere, somewhere in this world
His other half.

At the moment, I share my loneliness in two:
I take half and half I leave to me.

Taxi - My (other) half

Why is the sky blue?
Why do we live better with a soul mate?
Why do money and power make friends dangerous?
When jealousy and hypocrisy show their colors, you'd better get lost

- Why

Days go by, years go by and my life pops like bubbles of soap.

How could I have hurt you, deceived and offended you.
Soul mate I don't forget you even if I tear my heart out.

Woe…. the rancor! Which poisons us, which hurts us.

Maná - True Love Forgives

An empty soul,
Crazy in love!
You thought you had found your soul mate
And your guardian angel.

Madalina Manole - Empty Soul

Let the dreamers enter, the dreamers

We are all dreamers
Searching for our soul mate
Let's go see together
This which brings us together

Emmanuel Moire - The Attraction

The heart doesn't agree
The restlessness doesn't understand
What can I do? Please suggest something to me my soul mate

Soulmate x 3

Adnan Sami - Soul Mate

I've been trying to feel complete again
But you're gone and so is God

The soul needs beauty for a soul mate
When the soul wants, the soul waits

U2 - A Man and a Woman

Hande Yener:
Breaking up is a silent relative (related) of love,
I don't know who's the last soul mate of whom,
So many years have passed with you, for one last time,
Thank you, thank you, thank you,

Hande Yener - Thank You

you will remain for very long
the twin of my soul (my soul-mate)
then when i will live again (in the next life)
i will look for you again

Soni Malaj - My Soul-mate

When you are with your beloved this world becomes a heaven,
All the pain is gone and life becomes endless...
You are the stars' mirror in my heart's palace,
You are my soul mate...You are the blood in my veins.
Oh how beautiful.. to be in love and to be loved on earth !
while heavenly angels guard our love.

Mustafa Ceceli - Beautiful World

And nip the evil in the bud
You know how to make me happy

Meat and flesh, soul mate
The beatings of the heart
The two halves of an orange

Fábio Junior - Soul Mate

My soul is precocious, my body still young
Lean on my shoulder, tell me what's wrong
Love, money, or trouble with the parents?
Daddy's no banker, your girl is no soul mate... stop!
Hurl those thoughts against the wall now
And live for a minute as if there was no tomorrow

Halott Pénz - There's Something in the Air

Carry my own weight, all these earthquakes don't wait
Need up from these beat sleeves
Diving into this cold lake
F*ck this and her tall shakes, tellin' me I'm her soul-mate
Misguide emotion, no face, bull shit with that, no thanks
Dealing with it since '08, f*cked around, oh I'm done

Mac Miller - Someone Like You


We just met, but I know you're my soul mate
I've got your name tattooed on my chest, neck, and face

The Key of Awesome - Grenade (Parody)

you will endow me another life,
i don't know
you will be my soul mate
as long as i know you want to

Adriano Celentano - Emotions have no voice

- No way, forget way, forget it.

- forget way, forget...
- passion, my destined (soul-mate), and my whole world*
- forget the years of happiness, our days of love and all the nights (we spent).
- and also forget that I loved you and that my love for you was strong.

Bahaa Soltan - Forget

It was on the street while your life passed by
I immediately felt short of breath
If it's true that I have a soul mate,
It is you that is closest to that rumor

Benny Ibarra - One

This is my babe
My best friend when I have problems
Always there for me
This is my soul mate
We are inseparable
Two animals devouring in the mattress

Plan B (Puerto Rico) - I don't want you to leave

Just being together is happiness, why spoil it with moodiness

Male: You and I are made for each other, it's really hard to find
(Female: I never thought I'd find my soul mate in you, it's really hard to find)
Both: You never even took my hand, but it feels like happiness
Male: Let's make the most of it

Xu Ting Keng & Wu Ruo Xi (許廷鏗 & 吳若希) - Soul mates (Made for each other)

say to me
i don't doubt ,the heart is the heart
it doesn't make mistake when it chooses
my heart picked you as my soul mate
it's been named after you since the first day

Nawal Al Zoghbi - Ma andy shak

Oh my love, my soul mate
I'm counting the days, I'm counting the hours
I would like to draw you in a desert
The desert of my heart

Oh my love, the timber of your voice

Émilie Simon - The desert

With the face of a foreinger, a wandering jew, a greek shepherd,
Hair blown to the four winds,
I will come, my sweet prisoner
My soul mate, my living spring,
I will come to toast your twenty years
And I will be a blood prince, dreamer or adolescent

Georges Moustaki - The Foreigner

There will be something for every liking
Come back, my whore, my saint
My liquor, my absinthe
My soul mate, my saint soul

Come back, my love

Benjamin Biolay - Come Back, My Love

My love fucked me
My heart is broken
My sad face
My soul mate

My love was biased

Benjamin Biolay - My Love Fucked Me

There is no substitute for her love , maybe she is not informed of this fact
Hey, inform her that here there is somebody who is worried about her
I can't ignore the past
How can I say goodbye to my soul-mate?

Mohsen Yeganeh - Where is My Soul-mate?

But you're so cold and icy like iceberg in the ocean
Beneath the murky waters your inner sorrows hide

Move away from course i charted, or become my destined soul-mate.
Make an effort to reach out to me if i am to believe
That my love is strong enough to reconcile with your nature

Alla Pugacheva - Iceberg


Gökhan Özen - Can Yoldaþým

I don't want you to go away again
Leaving me

Ooo my soul mate
My life will empty
If you go away from me

The Virgin - Soul Mate

I'm with you til the end, I am beside you and between your arms

My sweetheart, my soul mate, I need you

My feelings for you have taken me to a world I hadn't seen before

Yasser (Egypt) - Arrabny leek

حديك يا روح الروح و القلب اللى عاش مجروح و عينيا اللى بيك بتبوح لو ترجع حقدمها

near you my soul mate,and the heart that lived wonded and my yes that speaks of you if you come back i'll give them to you
Dah ana ba2i 3alaik w bshouf elhawa mn 3aynaik w fe 3omri ma a3eesh gheir leek

Iwan - Es2al 3alaya ElShou2

What happens when your best is not enough?

What happens when your soul mate is already in love?
How you meant to pick the pieces up
When things go wrong, we just go on

Pixie Lott - We Just Go On

To look you in the eyes
But the silence is dead
& Yours freezes me
My soul mate
Look for the error
The more my blood pours out

Axel Bauer - Put yourself in my shoes

Why am I always the fucking customer,
why aren't you from the other side of the stand
why am I always the fucking customer,
why does my soul mate have to be male

When two guys get along so good, it's better than sex:

Hladno Pivo - Waiter

ask about me the passion and the stars of the moon from above you'll find me,from sunrise to sunset ,my heart sleepless waiting for you

days pass and tears and sorrows pass and i heal them in the illusions of my dreams that you draw
next to you my soul mate and heart mate that(heart) lived injured and my eyes that confess to you if you come back i'll offer them
i'm staying for you and i see the love through your eyes and i'll never live for someone but you
here i say it to you

Iwan - اسأل علي الشوق إيوان

How could I have been capable of hurting you?
Tricking and offending you?
Soul mate, I can’t forget you
Even if it rips my heart apart

Maná - True Love Forgives

You are my biggest source of troubles,
Fortunately you exist, you’re the love of my life,
I love you so much, you are my soul,
I loved you because you are my soul mate, my love
There is darkness in your dark eyes,
They tell me how much you love me, my sweetheart,

Ak esinti - The First Time With You

I'd rather take my time...
And a single woman from time to time!

Of course I'd like to find my soul mate
And to redefine my happiness
Someone with whom I could share

Hugo Lapointe - Single Man

To know that you just win

Forget your mistakes if you want me
I'll be your soul mate
I erase your mistakes
I know you're afraid that you'll not be useful

Elody Marquant - Look At Me

And I can't be quiet, stepping on ashes
With the suffering that comes to me like a glove
When the heart does not sleep, I stay awake
Only for a soul mate.

This summer, it's colder without you

Eli (Romania) - Cold summers

I am blessed that my good fate
Brought me you as my soul mate
I've known you since forever
We used to play together

Kalomoira - I Do

in this magic, magic night
maybe I'll be still there.
Music has changed my life,
and people like me has a soul mate.
And I have you, and I'll beg for your forgiveness.
While you're bringing me the coffee,

Pino Daniele - Sirocco of Africa

I’ve a lot of anger
I’m seething, I’ll explode
I want to change earth
I’m not (made) for this one

My soul(mate), I can’t (stand it)

Ble - I've a lot of anger

Don’t splatter…
Don’t spill…
In front of these eyes…
Oh soul mate


Noori - Manwa Re (Soul mate)

You are not the only one
So I won't let my life decay
I'll find another soul mate

Dražen Zečić - I'll rip all the chains

He's my brother, my most beautiful companion,
He who erases my fears,
The only person who sees my tears,
My soul mate...

Jena Lee - Soul Mate

Under my fingers "hides the stars"
Who are you "I've lost forever"
I never found out "I loved you in vain"
I' ve loved in vain "my soul mate"

It is the end, kiss me

Goran Karan - Touch me

When a half meets a half
They’ll make one whole

Then why are you still disconcerted, you, my soul mate?

Darling, come on, paint it the flaming colours of passion

Rang rasiya - The Flaming Colours of Passion

What did I do wrong, or what did my mother do wrong?
My life is a vale of tears
Nobody wants and wishes for me
To be a shoulder to cry on
To cure longing
To be the love of my heart

Wali - Seeking a Soul-mate

Now he's just known as a cheat.
And he wish he'd had a mirror; looked a little clearer.
Seen into the eyes of the weak.
Tomorrow comes. Sorrow becomes his soul mate.
The damage is done. The prodigal son is too late.
Old doors are closed but he's always open,

James Blunt - Billy

[Repeat Chorus]

Hold me now and tell me that you do believe
In a soul, a soul mate
And tell me, and tell me, tell me

Rascal Flatts - İt's Not Just Me

But in reality I don’t want it, Selja

We got along, or so I thought
My soul mate, I heard it with my eyes

That shouldn’t happen

Hukka ja Mama - Selja

My soul mate...
My soul mate...
My soul mate...
My soul mate...

You and me...

Chat - Soul Mates

你到底是谁的Soul Mate


Cyndi Wang - Fei Soul Mate (非Soul Mate)

I walk like this
To the love
That i found
My soul mate
Touches my heart
Like in the fairy tails

Sarit Hadad - Violins will play

In love, it's not enough to take a yes (proposal) for granted
You have to be sure you'll be able to say
"This is my soul mate"
"This is love, I know it"

Enchanted (OST) - This Is Love

I know I lost you when I slipped away.
But never ever, I will stop loving you.
You know you are my other half.
My soul-mate, my other orange...

Paula, don't forget me.

Zoé - Paula

And tells to the song "Come, get closer"
As an eye, very close to it's tear
A smile, very close to it's mouth
A soul, with its soul mate

The music of windows

Anna Oxa - The Music Is Nothing If You Haven't Lived

though i see myself mirrored in you
still you are my 'forever friend' so true
as you relate to me as my soul mate
you didn't profess in words till date

Sachin Warrier - as a door opened

And this is a test of love
between you and me
my soul mate,
my other half
who fought by my side, yes; I'm in love

Xriz - My Heart

But the one that I need
For thousands of years...

I found my soul mate, my other half, at your side,
I don't have other to bump into other's hearts

Najoua Belyzel - The one that I need

======= Chorus 1 - Alireza Assar =======
Hey lovers, hey lovers, decorate your heart with lights
Hey taverners, feast the whole city with grapes
My soul mate has opened door to pauper of her house
So that I drink a sip of her goblet and chalice

Alireza Assar - Hey Lovers

Soul mates never die
Soul mates never die
Soul mates never die
Soul mates never die

Placebo - Sleeping With Ghosts

If I'm wrong,I blamed my factory
But it's just mine and has metallic weight
Just like a circle that I want you to have it on your finger
Because you are my soul mate
We're like the wings of a butterfly
Like two raindrops falling off of the mountain

CRBL - Easy Easy

I got tons of bullets but no gun
I’ve got the coolest shades but where’s the sun?
I found my soul mate but we’re screwing just for fun
Made it to the club but the band was done

Naomi Pilgrim - No Gun

now that this is our destiny , i'll cry because of you
till the end of the world i'm full of your love

now that this is our destiny , sorrow will be my soul mate
cause i can't love anyone else even for a second

Barad - Embrace

It just makes the Man dog with no qualms
One day, we will can't negotiate anymore
The Creator has all folders
Oh yeah, you've been deceived by your soul mate?
Do the dumb, do the blind, do the deaf
Dounia, I've had enough

Black M - Blacklines

Which you will love all the day's?
Maybe can be one person
The best companion when you sleep?
Maybe can be only a half (he speak about the soul mate)
To forgive you almost a half of your mistakes?

Vunk - To craziness

Her little baby died,
yes sir.

Oh, my little soul mate!
So good was the black child!
I did not notice his skinfold;[fn]A fold of skin and underlying fat formed by pinching, the thickness of which is a measure of one's nutritional condition.[/fn]

Andrés Eloy Blanco - Paint Me Little Black Angels(Poem)

My heart feels so empty
When I miss you
My beloved soul mate
Even thought we're apart

Ana Alcaide - I Miss You

It's impossible, it's impossible
It's impossible to find the soul mate on the road (A Mongolian saying goes, 'Soul mate is on the road" so the singer has been running on the road of life looking for the soul mate. The "running" part is likened to the running of Forrest Gump, thus the references to Gump).
It's impossible, it's impossible
I thought she would be near, but she's actually far away, so I'm going back. (He gave up looking for the soul mate)

Well, I'm going home...

Rokit Bay - Brown-skinned Gump (as in Forrest Gump)

Take my heart into your hand, take care of it,
Carry it with you everywhere you go.
Like a star that shines under your light,
My soul mate ...

Anda Dimitriu - I miss

Moth wings of a butterfly
Endless tracks where no car pass
Close your eyes and you can fly
I'm off to meet my soul mate
A naked fawny jail bate
Wading into ponds

CocoRosie - Lost Girls

I can’t utter a word when you’re looking at me.
There’s no time – every separation is too early.
How can my exhausted soul find a way out? –
– Looks like I’ve already found my soul mate.
Where should I go, what should I do?

Tuna Velibaşoğlu - Kal Ölene Kadar/Stay Untill We Die

Bulb, bulb, bulb, turn on!
Bulb, bulb, bulb, turn on!

I opened my profile, I look for a soul mate
Polite and responsible, smile of a model
Now loving is easy for me who didn't succeed

Francesco Gabbani - Software

[Solo - Mustaine]

I will make for you
A soul mate to love
Unlike your love for me
And you will take my name

Megadeth - My Creation

Oh oh oh I've searched for you my whole life
My soul mate, my new moon

Descemer Bueno - The problem es the love

Is this how you stand when you're together?
Is this how you walk when you're in love?
You are my canvas soul-mate jam
Eye to eye to eye to eye

Kika (Portugal) - Guess It's Alright

Happy that I met you.

Without a close soul, since there's no way to be there without a dream.
Except for looking for your soul mate.
I know it’s not that simple, it’ll be gone come morning
A blank stack of paper, a few stressful things

Kravz - Happy That I Met You

It just turns men into dogs with no feelings
One day, we will no longer be able to negotiate.
The Creator has all the folders
Oh yeah, you've been deceived by your soul mate?
Act dumb, act blind, act deaf
Dounia, I've had enough

Black M - Blacklines

Ah he took all our air
I don't know why he lied to me
What did I do to his heart
I am not his lover not his soul mate why

Bahaa Soltan - He told me

You even don't sleep the night, you don't stop drink
You become a zombie and outside it happens quickly
You don't want speak of that, like if you are normal
You lie to your heart while you lost your soul mate
You fuck scum, they take your money
Nothing magical anymore, you thinking at her mimicking

Alonzo - She killed you

Shoulder, when they call him bipolar, happiest mad man
Don't know my story, my struggle, the demons that I combat
Or how I'm starin' at them waiting for eye contact, beyond that
I got a soul mate that's naive, so the thought of me is prison to her
Baby momma that's crazy and a ten year old who listen's to her
My fam and friends think I'm the bank

Slaughterhouse - Rescue Me

this is a teenager with vague melancholy
or well nights with a desire to die
hanging on the fishhook of the soul mate
that is always breathing a sigh
ah ah...

Laurent Voulzy - Desire desire

Right from the polished side behind the looking-glass [fn] Lewis Carroll ‘Through the Looking-Glass” [/fn]

And when in embers of the morn you turn estranged from me
When I become estranged as well from you, my soul mate
Hold on to air in the freeze
The air as sharp as killing steel

Melnitsa - Fare Thee Well

(You're) More than I could dream
My eternal promise
You're the live proof there's soul mate
I'm the owner of your love

Lucero - Owner Of This Love

This a land where I was born and where I live,
where all for me is native and well beloved,
where star had fallen from the sky into the grass
to make you look at me, my soul mate.
This is a land of my cheers and teers
with native word and native songs.

Svitlana Vesna - My native land

Oh my soul mate, listen to me, just listen
If I get you out of me, my soul would go too
I fell in love with you so badly; I fell in till I passed out
Since the day I saw you; I can’t find where my mind has gone to

You’re the first and the last; you’re the love of the life

Joseph Attieh - The First

In the port again
there is a ship that’s sailing,
a soul mate,
a dream, a journey,
a sorrowful memory,

I Muvrini - Wait For Me

he made me go to you
your eyes oh my soul mate
he made me go to you
your eyes oh my soul mate

Ghady - my heart felt jalous for you

yes sir.

Oh, my soul mate,
oh, soul mate,
So good was the black child,
since she was consuming

Los Olimareños - Little Black Angels

Why did you do it, my pretty boy ?

Dimitris my brave fellow
I want you, my soul mate
With all your belongings
The villaa and the cars.

Aliki Vougiouklaki - Dimitris, my Dimitris

rule over us --
Doing away with everything
that was our altar
You are my soul mate,
and I won't forget you
And I pray, so that we

King Changó - Without You

As a woman
In my heart, I have a wish to start a family
To find my soul mate, to share my future
Since I was young, those were some of my greatest dreams
I want to have something real

Kayliah - When a girl is in love

[Verse 3]
Well yeah I believed in us as I believe in myself
I will not finish on a wooden cross
The love of a soul mate helped me
Then made me promise to perpetuate it
Every day that God makes, I fashion tomorrow

Lord Esperanza - Black

If you'll smile a little, maybe you'll forget a little
When you fall apart on your own, I'm right beside you

Soul mate

Moran Mazor - Soul Mate

<strong>Rafa Kabelo</strong>
One single shot split in two cups
One soul divided into two different bodies
I know best, if you're in, I'm down
I lay down on your lap

Emicida - Soul Mate

In exchange for a pot of honey we acquired
the four planks from a dead man who
was dreaming of offering some sweet things
to a soul-mate.
And off we ran as quick as we could
to get a hearse, but...

Georges Brassens - Grandfather

You've finished the high school and you end up doing the
dirty work!?
Side by side into poverty, never in good times
With your soul mate, sharing the tears" and the bread..
You look for the decency by the winter time stuffed into a tram
And you're forced to reckon' that you CAN'T and that you don't HAVE

Paraziții - The decency!


Jy weet jy's my angel
Jy weet jy's my soul mate
Dit maak nie saak waar ons toekoms ook al gaan
Bly jy nog steeds my angel

Bok Van Blerk - My Angel

"That's life," you say
Will you let me hold you (Will you)
I'll be your lover
And your soul mate, how my time is up.

I caught a yellow cab all the way to you

Avi Aburomi - Bliss For a Minute

I rap and disgusts them even if
I listen to the crowd that move his buttocks
On all the dung of M6
I believe in my soul mate, remains more than to find her
Women are puzzles and I don't have time to play
It's the return of Gainsbourg, poet on plasma screen

Bigflo et Oli - Why not us

Oh, soul mate, the one with sweet lips
You’re a darling who is welcomed in my heart magnanimously
You are a dear who lives in the heart, the one who’s been drinking for years
Drinking love from it and living in paradise

The one who set its place in the bottom of the heart and

Ghada Shbeir - Soulmate

And truth be told, one day I gave up for good
But out of nowhere, she appeared

Soul mate or not, she is the girl
My heart was beating a 1000 beats per minute, for at least an hour
Follow my heart, follow my mind, it doesn't matter anymore

Avi Aburomi - Before You Came