The sound of enchanted violins (French translation)


The sound of enchanted violins

You flirt and dance in front of me,
enchanting as a Salome,
You need no veils, you know this game
My fingers run over the keys,
The sound of enchanted violins join in
Music warns of your indifference that'll come to be.
Your beauty overwhelms me, fleeting as this romance is,
I drown in your kiss, my heart well knows what it will miss.
When silence comes and you are just a fragment from my dreams.
Naked, I will face the loneliness abyss,
My heart in shattered shards of glass under my feet
The sound of enchanted violins...Dream
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This is a poem inspired by the video - it is not a translation, but I did use certain phrases found in the lyrics - see

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French translation

Le son des violons enchantés

Tu flirtes et tu danses devant moi,
tu m'enchantes comme une Salomé.
Pas besoin de voile, tu connais ton affaire.
mes doigts courent sur les touches,
rejoints par des violons enchantés.
La musique préfigure pourtant ton indifférence.
Ta beauté me submerge, si courte doive être notre histoire.
Je me noie dans tes baisers. Mon cœur saura ce qui lui manque
quand dans le silence retombé tu ne seras plus qu'un éclat de mes rêves.
j'affronterai nu l'abime du silence,
marchant sur les éclats éparpillés de mon cœur.
Le son des violons enchantés... Un rêve.
Submitted by ingirumimusnocte on Mon, 15/10/2018 - 18:34
Author's comments:

This is actually very good, and I'm not one to throw compliments around.

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ingirumimusnocte    Thu, 08/11/2018 - 05:14

I quite like the way the narration jumps back and forth from present to future. Nicely done.