On Tak Yiyo Lyubil (Он так ее любил) (English translation)

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On Tak Yiyo Lyubil (Он так ее любил)

Он так ее любил,
Он ночи все не спал,
Он в памяти хранил
Ее глаза и стан.
Но та сначала с ним
Гуляла много дней
И вдруг ушла с другим,
А он грустил по ней.
Зачем ушла к нему?
Ей в письмах он писал.
Скажи мне, почему
Я нелюбимым стал?
Наверное другой
Милей тебе чем я.
Играет он с тобой,
А я люблю тебя.
Ты грустен был со мной.
Наверно в ночи те
Ты думал о другой,
Ты предался Мечте.
Ты редко приходил
Ко мне во тьме ночной,
Наверное дружил
Те ночи ты с другой.
Я вяла как цветок,
А ты не замечал.
Любить меня не мог,
Ты о другой скучал.
Не видела любви
В твоих глазах такой.
Не люб ты мне, пойми,
А люб мне тот другой
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English translation

He loved her so much

He loved her so much
He couldn't sleep a wink
He held her eyes and her figure
in his memories.
But she had walked
many days by his side
and suddenly left him with another
and he grieved her.
Why did she leave him?
He wrote her letters.
Please, tell me why
you stopped loving me?
The other must have been
dearer to you than me.
He's just toying with you,
while I really love you.
You were unhappy with me.
You must have been thinking
of the other all these nights.
You surrendered to your dream.
You rarely came to me
in the dark of the night.
You must have been flirting
with another one.
I withered like a flower
and you wouldn't notice.
You couldn't love me,
you longed for the other.
I never saw such a love
in your eyes.
You see, it's not you I love,
but the other one.
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