Tenkuu no Canaria (天空のカナリア) (English translation)

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Tenkuu no Canaria (天空のカナリア)

荒れ果てた大地に 咲いてしまった花よ
その小さな指の 暖かさは愛のフレイム
風が吹くほど 燃えようと揺らぐの…
蒼の共鳴 巡る生命(いのち)は 儚き光
(feel my heart)
遥か君の願いし奇蹟を 叶えたい
そして僕らは歴史(うた)に変わる 幾千の星のように
泣いて哭いて叫ぶほどに 足掻き行(ゆ)けばいい
たとえ涙が明日の地図を 濡らして見えなくなっても
虹を見上げる哀しき金糸雀(カナリア) もう飛べばいいんだ…
笑顔で毟る種 何故か遠きにふわり
身を賭した声 優しき…
少女は泡沫(うたかた)へ… 少年は終(つい)の火を…
二人の音色 あまりに切なくて
(missing love)
温もりだけは灰になっても 譲らない
だから決意は強き翼 運命なんていらない
越えて超えて無限を裂き 心より生きろ
たぶん僕らは伝説より 確かな今にいたんだ
美しき籠の中の金糸雀(カナリア) 高く高く消えた…
そして僕らは物語(うた)に代わる 幾千の星のように
抱きしめても 戻らぬ恋 枯れ散る花びら
一億の刻(とき) 輪廻したら 今度は丘に咲こうね…
もう二度と還ってこない金糸雀(カナリア) 最後に微笑んだ…
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English translation

Canary in the sky

Flower that bloomed in desolation
How did you end up like this?
The warmth of those little fingers is the flame of love
That sways and burns as much as the wind blows
Blue resonance, the circling life is like a fleeting light
(Feel my heart)
I would like to grant you those distant miracles you wish for
Then we will become history, like the million stars
Instead of weeping and crying, it would be better to move on
Even if the tears soak our future's map and we can't see it anymore
The sorrowful canary that gazes upon the rainbow would have already flown away...
The smile you made while plucking the seeds, why did it vanish?
We could hear your gentle voice as you were taking the risk...
She became ephemeral... He became the final flame
Both of their voices had a sorrowful tone
"Let's kiss when we meet in the next world"
(Missing love)
Even if I turn into ashes with this warmth, I won't give up
That's why determination is like firm wings that don't need the fate
Pass through, tear the infinite. Live by your own heart
Maybe we are in a more certain "now" that the one in the legends
The beautiful canary in the cage dissapeared into the sky
Then we will change history, like the million stars
Even if you embrace her, your love won't return. The withered petals had scattered
When we are reborn for the millionth time, let's bloom in the hills...
The canary that won't come back a second time, gave its last smile...
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Hope this translation is not worst than the Spanish one. I did my best, but this is a bit more advanced than the songs I'm used to translate. This is not a very literal translation either, but I hope I understood what it was really trying to say.

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