Tenlirim Yapraq (English translation)


Tenlirim Yapraq

Tenlirim yapraq, titrep toxtidi,
Yürikim derdlik, erkin soqmidi.
Çünki ey yarim séniñ haliñni
Kördüm piğanda bunçe çağindi(?)
Astilap basip on beşke kirdim,
Yenimu dehşet basti pelekni.
Düşmenni bilmey dostum dep yürüp
Bu zarliq unsur ezdi yürekni.
Oyğan ey yarim reqipler yaman,
Ger oyğanmisañ yiğlap tur haman.
Qedirlik yarim, söygüm, amriqim,
Men kettim emdi sen qalğin aman.
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Submitter's comments:

1) This writing system is used by International Journal of Uyghur Studies. I can include ULY or UEY on request.

2) Filler words/phrases such as "e-yar-ey, yar-ey, ey, dad-ey" are left out.

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English translation

Feeling like fragile leaf

I feel like a fragile leaf, shaking and stopping
My heart is in mourn can't beat freely
Because my love I saw your tiredness (çağindi = tiredness? not sure)
Slow going I finally turned fifteen
And the sky is still very heavy(on my shoulder)
Didn't know is enemy, thought was friend
This depressing person stole my heart
Wake up my dear, for the opponent is strong
For if you don't wake up I will start crying
My beloved lover, love of my life, fondness of my life
I will begone now, if you prefer to be left alone
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