Ti lascerò (English translation)

English translation

I'll leave you

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I'll let you go but as helpless as you are
I'd do anything to hold you back
because you'll have to clash with all the dreams that you make
when you live intensely as you do at your age
I'll let you try to paint your days
with the bright colours of your age
I'll help you overcome all the sorrows that will come
because they will be stronger than all the loves you'll have
And I'll leave to your eyes an entire life to watch
but it's your life, don't treat it bad
I'll let you grow up
I'll let you choose
I'll even let you do mistakes...I'll leave you
I'll let you decide who will be by your side
rather than let you tell that you're tired
I do this because I have loved the man inside you and his courage
and that will to change to then start over again
and when before your eyes there will be two other eyes to look into
you'll hear my silence scream
I'll let you...live
I'll let you laugh
I'll let you...I'll leave you
and i'lll leave to your smiles the will to explode
and i'll let vent your pride
I'll let you believe
i'll let you choose
i'll let you...i'll leave you
i'll let you live
i'll let you live
I'll let you...i'll leave you
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Ti lascerò