toccare ferro

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Idiomatic translations of "toccare ferro"

Toucher du bois

Meanings of "toccare ferro"


"touch an iron object" is an apotropaic gesture(to prevent bad luck)

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Explained by annabellanna

"toccare ferro" in lyrics

Mikolas Josef - Mentimi

Allora lei ha preso uno dei miei amici
Lei l'ha fatto toccare ferro
So che fa molto male ma ti fa sentire così bene

Luciano Ravasio - The Page of Dead People

You’ve surely seen him on TV sometimes,
with his guitar, his beard. How old was he?»[fn]The singer is referring to his own death, imagining how other people will talk about it.[/fn]
Knock on wood, there’s no age [written] in there![fn]<em>toccare ferro</em> {touching iron} is a scaramantic gesture to reject bad luck, when something happens – or someone says something – that ‟frightens” us. People actually look for any iron object to hold in their hands.[/fn]
Because the nice thing, in these situations,