Top dog

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Meanings of "Top dog"


a person, group, or thing in a position of authority especially through victory in a hard-fought competition; smb. who is successful or dominant in their field.

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Explained by St. Sol

хозяин положения; господствующая сторона; кто-л. на командной должности, кто добился успеха или превосходства в своём деле; тот кто держит всё в своих руках.

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"Top dog" in lyrics

Lucy Spraggan - You're Too Young

After that things began to slip out of grip
And her grades were failing but she didn’t give a…
She was top dog at school and all the girls were scared
And when she walked through the corridors, all the boys stared

Bushido - Gangster Rap Titan

I'm gettin paid, who needs your bullshit
Sonny Black, no one can stop me, full clip
Oh yeah, still the alpha male[fn]Literally "alpha animal" as in top-ranking animal, so I thought about translating it as "top dog."[/fn]
And your ego, we crumpled it up like old newspapers

Cafe Shahor Hazak - Everything will be alright

I know that everything will be fine
No matter what everyone is saying behind your back
With the help of hashem you can be top dog God willing

Darkroom Familia - They Kill My People

I already have everything I want
And in the central valley I'm the top dog[fn]my favourite word in the song. Could also be translated as 'the main man/the one and only/the head honcho/the big boss' etc etc[/fn]
'Lawless'[fn]lit. heretic[/fn] tattooed on my arm[fn]Someone please give Yorsh a gold star for managing to decipher this...[/fn]

Fler - School Song

[Part II]
I’m lookin‘ back
I was the top dog on my block
education was completely shitty,

HU? - Abnormal

And at the studio, the computer won't run either
That evening at the club, a man kisses me on the cheek
And the whole day I'm top dog in my mind

Pink - Nobody Liver

Most hated at the top of the list [that's Benzino]
Hangman with the gangsta hits [that's Benzino]
Top dog that you never forget [that's Benzino]
Watch me turn up the thermostat I burn it black

The Rapsody - Prince Igor

Warren G top dog, patrollin' the beach,
Niggas say they as hard as bitch,
But they're as soft as a peach,
Claimin the G of all G's

MC Hotdog - Poker Star

Talking trash is part of the strategy
When I flop a Set it feels like I won the lottery
At the poker table they call me top dog MC Hotdog
I don't compete on TV shows, I compete on PokerStars

SpongeBOZZ - Payback #forsundiego

You used to hide in the streets of your village
Only when you made a golden record, you flung yourself into that sports car and proudly spit your first name
Why's that choir boy pretending to be a top dog?
You're riding the tour bus, rapped for ten years to buy a Porsche some Yugoslav cheated off someone

Extrabreit - Andreas Baader's Sunglasses

He cussed a lot
And because he felt no pain
He was top dog in the penitentiary

Bad Lip Reading - Morning Dew

What it is, I'm a night trauma life guard
Chicken never hurt me, I'm a good flavor top dog
See me on my float in my bronze tuxedo

M.I.A. - Warriors

[Verse 1:]
I tick tick tick I collected my ticks
Top dog even though I didn’t speak no english
Guess I got Grit coz I suffer for my shit

And One - To All the Warriors

Raise your hand until the last click
And One kicks the machine until it explodes
To all the trolls in their top dog zoo
To all the fans in Techno Man flow

Stract - Or Die Trying

Make a killing off it, selling feelings for a living
'til I'm beginning to win and start to feel like them
I wanna be like that, I wanna be the top dog
I wanna bleed my craft, I will idealize rap

Arab - Coal dust

a) Original text: Rzuca na bit, że jest topem a to tylko miał.
English translation: He’s claiming to be the top dog but he’s small fry.
It’s a metaphor relating to smoking weed. In colloquial

Jaé Ru Bell - Reliable

Club October is the Gang nigga top dog
Got these niggas up under me like Top Dog