From top to toe

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From top to toe (English) — All over. Covering completely

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Translations of "From top to toe"

Arabicمن قمة الرأس إلى أخمص القدم / من الساس للراس
AzerbaijaniBaşdan ayağa
Bulgarianот глава до пети
Croatianod glave do pete
CzechOd hlavy až k patě
DanishFra top til tå
DutchVan kop tot teen
EnglishFrom tip to toe
EnglishFrom head to foot
Estonianpealaest jalatallani
FinnishPäästä varpaisiin
FrenchDe pieds en cap.
FrenchDe la tête aux pieds.
Germanvon Kopf bis Fuß, vom Scheitel bis zur Sohle
Germanvon Anfang bis Ende
Germanvon Kopf bis Fuß
Greekαπ' την κορφή ως τα νύχια
Greek (classical)Ες πόδας εκ κεφαλής
Greek (classical)Εκ κεφαλής ες πόδας άκρους
Hebrewמכף רגל עד ראש
HungarianTetőtől talpig
ItalianDall'inizio alla fine
ItalianDalla testa ai piedi
Kurdish (Kurmanji)Ji serî ta bînî
Kurdish (Sorani)لە بنی پێ ڕا تا تۆقی سەر
LatinA capite ad calcem
LatinA capillo usque ad ungues
Macedonianод глава до пети
Persianسر تا پای
Persianسر تا پا
PortugueseDa cabeça aos pés
Romaniandin cap până-n picioare
Russianс ног до головы
RussianС головы до пят
RussianС головы до ног
SlovakOd hlavy až po päty
SloveneOd glave do nog
SloveneOd glave do pet
SpanishDe la cabeza a los pies
Spanishde pies a cabeza
Swedishfrån huvud till tå(r)
Turkishtepeden tırnağa
TurkishBaştan aşağı
Ukrainianвід голови до п’ят

"From top to toe" in lyrics

He eats hamburgers, she rice with beans
he drinks champagne with strawberries, she a cuban mojito
she went on a tour to Yucatan, and he went on holidays to the same place
she’s mulatto from top to toe, he’s blond like the sun
she doesn’t speak english, and he doesn’ts speak spanish
he went for a drink without suspecting

Ricardo Arjona - She and He

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh (x2)

The warm breath that is slipping away from you,
Gets lost on my neck, all over my body from top to toe,
As you are touching me, I'm giving up already,
You will feel me.

Pablo Alborán - Ecstasy

come, and see what love has done to me

i' m yunus mystic of sorrow
suffering wounds from top to toe
in the friend' s hands i wrtihe in woe
come, see what love has done to me

Yunus Emre - gel gor beni ask neyledi

Of the desirable
And I am the un-undressable
Watch me, hm hm hm
Watch me from top to toe
You'll never see another like this
I'm the favourite

Carla Bruni - The Most Beautiful Guy in Town

I ordered absolute darkness
and had a spoonful quickly
and felt the stroke of death
from top to toe

Giannis Ploutarhos - To Allo Mou Miso

Give in to your feelings tonight, tonight

Let's play all the games, one by one
Let's sink in sin from top to toe
Hushh, don't speak, don't ask any questions
Discover my secrets tonight, tonight

Tarkan - Tonight

that we lie to her, for her own good
She is sometimes going too quickly, Eva
She laughs and she is changing style
from top to toe, Eva
What she wants, she obtains it

Carrousel - Eva

Anymore I trust
Your fragrance that
From top to toe
Made me believe in you, that you
You were what I was missing

Alessandro Casillo - And now I speak

The ice in my glass
Makes my lips so cold
As I kiss you from top to toe
You beg me to stop
But I know you want more

Jay-Jay Johanson - I Fantasize of You

started to think but she's watching.
And my big thoughts turned,
they laughed and got small.
'Cause feelings easy fill me up from top to toe.

I have promised myself to never stumble

Jakob Hellman - She's waiting for me

All our dreams

It's raining cats and dogs
Soaked from top to toe
We walk through a puddle
Fuel sticking to our shoes

Die Toten Hosen - Below the clouds

My car's tire is painted purple
Let us hug, let us embrace like ivy, from top to toe my own, from top to toe

Forward little Miss, don't drop behind, hey hey

Turkish Folk - My Car's Tire Is Painted Purple