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"Everytime i go to a movie, it's pure magic, no matter what the movie is about". --Steven SpielbergMaria Kritikou6
I can remember my emotion the first time I went to Greece (hitch-hiking from Bulgaria) and saw the first road signs written in Greek... exactly like in the Ancient Greek manuals I had used in college....Jadis6
Parole del cielo translation
Why are you so rude? We are all human and make mistakes. Everyone has typos now and then. Does attacking people make you feel important?
It's probably a bug and it has been reported to the admins already.Fary5
Трава translation
out to buy a paper, but the forests were on fire :)
petit élève5
About a fool translation
Well, this is a very good translation, just a few suggestions: Small change will soon spring off her bosom -> I think, "his" bosom is meant ;) то на последний глаз - пятак -> a...
About a fool translation
First few lines sound like traditional Russian winter fortune tellings - гадания.  The death will hug and kiss the ...
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This is not a quote from a movie, but it's one of the most inspiring quotes i have ever heard. "Movies touch our hearts, and awaken our vision, and change the way we see things. They take us to oth...Maria Kritikou5
I wouldn't mind sounding like a Yank if that could help conceal my true Froggish nature. Ribbit. Oops.petit élève5
Along with Petting and Fucking, there's apparently also a Kissing in Bavaria. Other funny village names listed here =>
Thanks for the votes, my friends, I'm only not sure whether I deserved them. I got a feeling it was a cooperative work. Nevertheless it's good to know that the resulting translation is good.Aldefina5
Welcome! I discovered this site last year and I must say translating is so fun!Miena .5
'We are all connected in the great circle of life' (Mufasa in Disney's 'The Lion King', 1994) :)Alma Barroca5
"немцы" is Russian standard language for Germans, but "германцы" is occasionally used in ironic or tongue-in-cheek speech about Germans (non-standard usage).St. Sol4
Bug fixed, sorry for inconvenience.lt4
Η μετάφραση έχει σωστή ορθογραφία αλλά νομίζω πως δεν είναι καλά μεταφρασμένη. Δεν γνωρίζω σέρβικα αλλά αρκ...makis174
About a fool translation
Here I found the story behind this song - It might be interesting to read. And one thing from me - блюдце is a saucer. Once I was explaining somet...
Nadejda Silva4
About a fool translation
I truly appreciate your input. It helped me check the consistency of the translation and sparked a couple of footnotes. I couldn't agree more with the approach. I need lyrics to make sense before I...
petit élève4
About a fool translation
Ah well, I managed that with English, but it took me 20 years and I had professional reasons to use it. On the other hand, LT is about my only connection with Russia. I don't think I'll ever manage t...
petit élève4
What's with the rabid dog act again? Scaring more people away, so that you can sit all alone in front of your PC and curse the ingratitude of the universe to your heart's content? Honing your bullying...petit élève4
Uhmm, it's a looong list.  :D Here are a few: "It's not a tumor!" ~Arnold Schwarzenegger (Kindergarten Cop, 1990) "I did not hit her, it's not t...padim7gr4
Chicken Run (2000)  *heart* Mr. Tweedy: What is it? Mrs. Tweedy: It's a pie machine, you idiot. Chickens go in, pies come out. Mr. Tweedy: Ooh. What kind of p...padim7gr4
"I've spent most of my adult life trying to protect myself from exactly this situation. And you can't do it ! There's no home safe enough, there's no country nice enough, there's no relationship secur...Musunee4
Hi and welcome to LT! If you ever need help with Persian, I'm your guy!Fantasy4
Actually, you can kind of go outside. There's a specific key called "Escape" ;)altermetax4
- The Lion King: "The past can hurt, but the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it." - The Lion King 2: "A wise king once told me, 'we are one'. I didn't understand him then. No...Silapin19964
Favourite movie quote? Frankly, my dear, I don't know ...azucarinho4
I hope you don't mind if I make a part 2. - Bambi: "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all." - The Little Mermaid: "I don't see how a world that makes such wonderful things co...Silapin19964
Don't get me started on Babylon 5, Josh. I could fill pages of funny or witty or cheesy quotes from this show. As sci-fi TV series go, I never found anything remotely as good[fn]well... except for F...petit élève4
“To kneel before the bones of Mary Magdalene was to remember all those who were robbed of their power... who were oppressed." -Sir Leigh Teabing [Ian McKellen], The Da Vinci ...SilentRebel834
Of course, but after all each and every translation is a betrayal of the original meaning too :)petit élève4
The idea is that if you can't cry them out loud in the open fields and get rid of them, then your soul keeps them inside.sandring4
Parole del cielo translation
Me encantan tus tradcciones al italiano que comprendo plenamente y me ayudan a mejorar el idioma. Gracias.
roster 314
Parole del cielo translation
[quote=Kelvets]A mi me parece que deberías mejorar tu español antes de querer mejorar tu italiano.[/quote] ¿Hablas conmigo? ¿Te refieres a esos 'typos'? Lo que tengo que mejorar es mi mecanogr...
roster 314
Omg thank you so much Noura !! Yes you're right ! thanks for pointing it out!! and for the vote This song it was really hard to translate so ireally appreciate your support !!!!Radu Robert3
[quote=maluca]I know of a town in Germany called "Bösgesäß" that would translate into something like "badass"...[/quote] More closely into "nasty butt". "Badass" usually means "tough guy", somet...magicmulder3
Yup, but the actual distance is zero. :) It is easy, but most people are tricked into thinking they have to use some advanced trigonometry (which they would if the numbers were anything but). Alleged...magicmulder3
Alright. I wonder why there's no "multilingual" option here, it'd fit perfectly.Anna Elsa J.3
Anna is right. Having a "multilingual" option or even the possibility of selecting more than one language would be very useful, I think.Icey3
Well then they’re talking improper Russian on the streets. ;)OpalMoon3
The Happy Island translation
Exactly, copied translations can't be rated.
"It's your babe-" Bang Bang!Maria Kritikou3
Hello there, the translation is close enough, however, the transliteration is a bit off like you've mentioned. So here you go: كيف نقدر ان نعيش مع اخطائنا ؟ Kayfa naqdiru...Toot_v3
Bravo! :PMaria Kritikou3
Concerned citizen translation
"Concerned citizen" is pretty common for these kinds of people, especially in the US.
I saw this "Array" thing in many translations, including mine. It is weird but hoping soon it will be solved.Nadejda Silva3 *heart*Maria Kritikou3
Fly after me translation
*after me :)
Eagles Hunter3
Butterfly Of Fire translation
Thanks ;)
Maria Kritikou3