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Awesome songs! :) R.I.P. Avicii :(Maria Kritikou7
I also liked Wings by Birdy. Her voice is so peaceful. I love her! ;)Maria Kritikou7
This is a tough task... Pink Floyd: High hopes, Icey7
Some extra scenes from Kill Bill Vol.1 & Vol.2 that i love... ht...Maria Kritikou6
It's not an existing language. He's surely been helped to put together a lot of words from different languages and dialects so that it sounds "weird" and "interesting" It's really similar to some ...Sebastian Florea6
Difficult not to mention it :) Eye of the tiger !
There's this beautifully sad little waltz from the 1998 movie "La vie rêvée des anges" ("Life as angels dream it" or something like that, don't know how the ...petit élève6
ooh great topic! Edward Scissorhands OST The Da Vinci Code OST
Thank you legends never really die he will stay in our hearts :( :(anna gül6
Great cinematography... Kritikou5
no, it's a wheelbarrowMaria Kritikou5
1. Lady gaga 2. Eminem 6. Pink 9. George MichaelMaria Kritikou5
Master and Margarita: The Last Of The Mohicans theme by Trevor JonesMaria Kritikou5
My favourite singer is Birdy. My Top 5 songs from her are: 1) SiHo_925
In no particular order: Georges Brassens: Santa and the little girl. A beautiful song...petit élève5 Kritikou5 Kritikou5
Gelb translation
Now my German is not advanced enough for me to even consider myself a "good" speaker of it, so I will write in English. I know Nelly very well, and I speak with her in English very often. Her trans...
The Rose translation
The "author's" comment is amusing - this English version was clearly written as a singing version, with far more attention paid to the metre and to the rhyme than to the meaning, and it is certainly...
From one of my favorite movies, Stranger than Fiction Tu Mirá
Tonyl, the second movie is called Kill Bill vol.2 and the song is called "Tu Mira". Great scene! R.I.P. Michael Parks :(Maria Kritikou4
Django Unchained-"The Raid" Kritikou4
I do understand your frustration, but the thing is not in belonging of Slovene language to the European languages, but just in its popularity. Too few people speak this language, so it is not included...Alexander Laskavtsev4
Kill Bill Vol.2-"Beatrix vs Elle Driver" Kritikou4
Best dance scene ever! Kritikou4
Αυτο που το πας; ειχαν ολοι τρελαθει στις ουσιες τοτε... γι'αυτο πολλοι πεθαναν πριν την ωρα τους... :(Maria Kritikou4
[quote=Blake martin]A man told his son that he would give him $1000 if he could accomplish the following task. The father gave his son ten envelopes and a thousand dollars, all in one dollar bills. He...magicmulder4
"One horse town" is the colloquial slang term. That's what the lyrics video says aswell. ;)Hansi K_Lauer4
What about this one? > Les choristes A true story of a poor teacher who with difficulty makes from bad students, shining stars and useful people.
Summertime Killer (Luis Bacalov) from Kill Bill Vol.2 Kritikou4
Diva: Léon:
Timoyasu Hotei: Battle Without Honor Or Humanity- Kill Bill Vol.1 OST Kritikou4
Love translation
Come off it, Pierre. Your English is exceptionally good. As for little nothings, that's what your friends are here for. Cheers :)
Hi ! james blunt You're Beautiful Passenger Let Her Go Coldplay ...anna gül4
Man, this is difficult! I'd say my favorite, faaaavorite songs are: RAIN by GLAY Kairo and Rezz4 Kritikou4
The list is long, I'm afraid. ;)FranceA4
Janis Joplin. :)
Not that his German is that much better... Why would I bother correcting an entire translation (which in his case would amount to writing the whole thing from scratch myself) and then he gets the c...magicmulder4
As of May 18, 2018 you can now add "Related" to an artist's page. For example, if the lead singer or member of a band/group worked on a solo project or participated as a member of a phantasmagoria4
True Romance-"Sicilians Origin" Kritikou3
*Coussin: I'd translate it "pillow" , as there's a difference between "pillow" and "cushion" in English *Mes doux: my sweeties *Mes minots: "Minot" is an affectionate provençal ( from the Prove...FranceA3
Γιστι αυτες οι φστσουλες;Maria Kritikou3
Ειναι σαν να απαξιοις αυτο που ποσταρες.Maria Kritikou3
I'm also not very happy about that, but I'm even less happy about it not appearing in my dropdowns (e.g. when specifying the language of a new song), even though I have it selected as one of my favour...zocky3
JUST WATCH THIS-Funniest Scene Ever! *lol* Kritikou3
[quote=Ivan U7n]А слова "жданный" нет в русском языке.[/quote] День и ночь так долго жданный Из похода наконец Возврати...Brat3
Точно! *хлопает ладонью себя по лбу* Никак не мог вспомнить, где ж я слово "жданный" слышал! :) Спасибо!Alexander Laskavtsev3