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Long live the Love translation
I told you already that "Songs are for everybody, translating isn’t". Do you realize that your translation is a disaster and it's impossible to correct it? Please don't try to translate requests, 'c...
Long live the Love translation
[@Achampnator]: Ich meine das ganz freundlich! Bitte editiere deine Übersetzung gemäß der Vorschläge von z.B. [@Pe3dish] oder sieh dir Übersetzungsversion
Long live the Love translation
There are too many and too scolding comments on this page, so comments have been blocked. If you want to carry on with this debate, please open a new thread in the English language area. I agree t...
GT is evil incarnate. GT is your worst nightmare. GT is the enemy. GT will be your downfall.petit élève10
Long live the Love translation
Come on, "Die Liebe ist tot" = "the love is death"? If it were so, it would be "der Tod". You are mixing subjects and pronouns up even in German. Here you go, put this up instead. -----------------...
Offensive comment removed. [@Achampnator] please be polite.RadixIce8
We all receive critism, I myself received too rude critisms in the past. But it doesn't give anyone the right to use bad language.RadixIce8
This conversation gets too long, comments temporarily closed. @Achampnator, if you're not sure of the quality of your translations, I think it should be better to request proofreading. And please do...RadixIce8
Because Of You translation
It looks naked without the diacritics.
We've made some adjustments for large collections. So, if your collection contains 30+ items, it won't be sortable by drag-and-drop, but "Sort" option will appear next to the "Edit" tab. It will make ...lt7
Long live the Love translation
Well, I wouldn't exactly call it very good, either. Definitely not good enough to protect with a ©. There are numerous places where you literally translated or omitted articles and used German word o...
Long live the Love translation
Hi. If you're not sure of your translation or don't know the language enough, please request Proofreading. I have to agree with my colleagues on this issue. I don't know German enough to say this is a...
Alma Barroca7
[@Achampnator] Again, your comment was removed because of unnecessary foul language. Watch your mouth, I don't mean to insult (and don't take everything everyone says as an insult) but I'm sure you we...phantasmagoria7
Long live the Love translation
We can't forbid you to do bad translations, only hope you will use your freedom to do so wisely.
petit élève6
Long live the Love translation
Ok, my suggestion: Your English really isn't good enough to translate on an international site like LT if English is the target language. You better limit yourself to translate into your native lang...
Hansi K_Lauer6
Long live the Love translation
The love is death, long live the love -> Love is dead, long live love We don't need them -> We don't need it Play me the song from the love -> Play me the song of love
Long live the Love translation
Well, every translation can be corrected, though when almost everything is wrong, then the only way to correct it would be to write it from scratch. Would you call it a correction? It was not the ...
Long live the Love translation
Achampnator, Some constructive advice if you are focused in your efforts. Read English based poetry books (all kinds). That way you can easily use your language dictionary as a resource. You will bet...
Ww Ww6
Kasırga translation
We're all strangers on the internet, aren't we? ;) Please correct the language here as it seems to be normal contemporary English.
Alma Barroca5
[quote=Alma Barroca]Just thought of something. What do you think of adding a note to songs that have been added to collections to say something like 'Song included in the following collections: (x), (...lt5
Faci ’e Luna translation
Merci beaucoup pour toutes tes traductions du Sarde, Aldis. Logudorese et campidanese sont les deux principales variantes de la langue sarde, mais il y a plusieurs variantes locales et quelques langu...
Because Of You translation
Thanks Juan! Because I don't know, I just asked. ;)
I tried to remain polite at first (as I give everyone the benefit of the doubt) but when he started lashing out at constructive criticism (the likes of "shut up, we're not in school here"), I thought ...magicmulder5
L'ultimo giorno translation
Oh, don’t worry, even many Italians confuse the congiuntivo and the condizionale :) The endings you mentioned are the 3rd (-bbe) and the 2nd (-sti) person of the condizionale presente. Give a lo...
Sahar Sahar translation
Pardon my intrusion, but you're being rude without even noticing it. The reason why the moderators commented under your transliteration it's because it is an exact copy of the already existing one: th...
It is malagasy ! But incorrectly spelled - for example zaza kelly marary is actually zazakely marary and means the child is sickbatay5
Hi hi Monica translation
You won't get paid by the amount of thanks, you know...
petit élève5
We've made some adjustments for large collections. So, if your collection contains 30+ items, it won't be sortable by drag-and-drop, but "Sort" option will appear next to the "Edit" tab. It will make ...lt5
Adding GTs as translations is not allowed. As lyrics however...Sciera5
And isn't it just fun to translate this nonsense again into nonsense in another language? :DWout Huygens5
Fuego del infierno translation
Hey, Lord Silapin, why don't you drop your department manager act? Bossing people around might work very well in some places, but here on LT your tantrum will only cause a few people to smirk or sigh...
petit élève5
Beasts translation
Thanks very much!
Some time ago I suggested the following classification system for translations, based on their quality: . L. Literal (no form enhancements, as close to the original as possible) A. Adapted (includi...St. Sol5
Long live the Love translation
Though I'm French, I can see the English is broken beyond repair, and I doubt any native would tell otherwise.
petit élève5
Long live the Love translation
I think we need a way of giving 0 stars. There is so much wrong here that it's amazing. Even the very simple last four lines have a gross error in the English so that it doesn't make sense. The tr...
Hello! This indeed is Albanian; this is Gheg Albanian. Considering that the artist (Azet) is from Kosovo in origin, this is a variant of Gheg Albanian that is spoken in Kosovo. Gheg Albanian is not co...Albaniana5
Long live the Love translation
Isn't this enough?
roster 315
Wow, this is a really challenging translation project! But I'm sure you had a good laugh doing it! :) In the context of this song, "Baby's got back" means, "This girl has a large bottom". Similarl...3oudicca5
Aime moi translation
Baby, never let go -> Whatever the English exactly means, "ne jamais abandonner" would mean "never give up", like in "never give up, never surrender" :) "Ne m'abandonne jamais" could work, but "Ne me...
petit élève4
Because Of You translation
The most accurate way to say it. I'm gonna save it for future generations. Hahahaha.
Poni de Cthulhu4
That's actually a good question. In general: If the name of the language is known but it's not in the list, choose "Other". That also includes constructed languages (and possibly even nameless const...Sciera4
Hier jemandem zu drohen, führt zu gar nichts. Wenn du sagst, dass du Einsen und Zweien in Englisch hattest, müssen wir das glauben. Du solltest aber nicht vergessen, dass man mit dem Schulstoff bei ...mk874
Formosíssima tradução. Simplesmente impecável. :)Metodius4
"Was kann ich tun, damit du mich liebst? Was kann ich tun, dass du dich um mich sorgst? Was kann ich sagen, um dich dies fühlen zu lassen? Was kann ich tun, dich dahin zu bringen?"Burghold4
[quote=taddy26]I think it would be great if we could save our collections as drafts and publish them whenever we want.[/quote] Collections now can be saved as drafts. Saved drafts will be available...lt4
It's not about the quality of his translations but about uncontrolled and offensive comments to other members.Lobolyrix4
I definitely won't take sides, because I can stand neither bullies nor rude people, but if LT should crack down on offensive comments to other members, it ought also reprimand those who find amusement...Loot4
[quote=Lobolyrix]In principle, you are right, and maybe the discussions have been escalated. But, as far as I have seen, Magicmulder, as well as others, has added objectively founded construc...Natur Provence4
On this page I've found nothing of what you describe (that is, added before you wrote that). Like Natur Provence said, it was objectively founded, but pointing out errors without describing w...Loot4
I redetermine that many members here are sniffys (sic). I speak generally. Anyone who isn't open to (well- meaning) criticism in his own translations probably has not read the website rules. This i...makis174