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An Itsy-bitsy Fish translation
When I was trying to learn Russian back in 1999 I once sang "крошка моя, я на тебе скучаю"[fn]"honey, I'm bored when I'm on top of you" instead of "honey, I miss you so"[/fn]. T...
petit élève7
Oh boy, it's been quite a while since I had to remember how this works. It seems one can only vote 3 times a day [@lt] please verify this. The reason for this was to resolve an issue LT has had before...phantasmagoria7
Hi DanielZ, In this part of the song: Na cara das falsianes Na cara das curibotas Na cara das mexilhonas Na cara das seis dedinhos! All the adjectives (falsianes, curibotas, mexilhonas, seis...lele.azevedo6
This translation is full of mistakes.muzik_top6
Everybody that speaks Portuguese knows that the meaning of "Come e Baza" in this song is not "Eat and go". That's why the translation to English is FUCK AND GO! In Portuguese it's possible to use "...afrobeatz6
A tradução é literal, o que a deixa muito longe de transmitir, em alemão, a mensagem que a versão original da música apresenta. Outros usuários já comentaram, mas Carneiro se imagina dono da...muzik_top6
Bem, só posso confirmar como os meninos já escreveram, que sim, o verbo "comer" é usado como gíria e o significado é isto mesmo "f--k". A língua "brasileira" está repleta de gírias. É engraç...Nadejda Silva6
That's quite nice. This singer seems to have very poetic lyrics. of the faded newsreels -> no "the". the thick voile -> I'd rather use "veil". French words don't sound as classy as in Russian (...petit élève5
Help this farmer find his wife. Hint: focus on his left leg and turn the picture upside down. Kritikou5
Hi, It seems your translation is disorganized because you don't create footnotes properly. Here is a guide for you to do it the right way:
You and lele.azevedo already gave all the suggestions he need to translate this song properly. There is no more suggestion I can give him. So, if the translation is still full of mistakes, it's be...muzik_top5
Boden translation
I send this as a private message, but you didn't accept the suggestions (even being clear that you translation have some mistakes), so I'll post it publicly. All these sentences above weren't prop...
Tentei explicar educadamente, mas sua arrogância grande demais e sua capacidade de interpretação muito limitada não lhe permitem que você admita que está errado; desse modo, nem vale a pena perd...afrobeatz5
I tried to listen but after a few lines I was forced to tear off my own ears. And then eat them just to be sure... ;)Gavin4
It's not her fault really - she seems to be following the current vogue amongst English and American singers of intoning words in really bizarre ways. I blame "The Voice" / "X factor" etc. Take the...Gavin4
The voice of Russia is a pandora box though. Here is an awful rendition of this Soviet m...Ivan U7n4
The sheep look up translation
Sounds like he might be considered a writer of journalism rather than speculative fiction now! ;) Proliferating is good although I wonder if "an aggressive cancer" might be better here? It's the term...
LOLEN!! *lol* I mean as a response to the (your) riddle... *dash1*makis174
The sheep look up translation
If I may butt in, the usual practice nowadays in France as well as in Canada is to use (unbreakable) spaces: 7 500 000 000 de gens qui ne savent pas pourquoi ils sont là. In Switzerland, people...
An Itsy-bitsy Fish translation
I do enjoy, how we have started with a nursery rhyme "itsy-bitsy spider...", sorry "fish" and then moved to bacon , beer and viagra. I think someone should put all this quotes in a book and call it a...
It seems that there are still several of these "in-groups" here on LT, now giving each other automatic thanks for every translation a group member makes (instead of 5 stars as before). Many low qualit...St. Sol4
Thanks pretty much mean nothing, though, and they are also much less visible than votes.Sciera4
[@petit élève] the problem is in this: (:D) This bug occurs when you insert an emoji in the footnote, resulting in this: My name is Tonto[fn]the R2D2 rip-off got christened "cosmic thingie" in F...Enjovher4
The following time limits apply to voting: 1) not more than one vote in three minutes, for all roles 2) not more than - 3 votes in a day for Novice - 10 votes in a day for Junior Member -...lt4
Сербы имя Александар очень часто дают а уменьшительные от этого Саша или Аца/Aцо. Саня у нас женское имя. Шурик...ФК Обилић4
Me semble une très bonne version anglaise pour ce texte très "russe" !Jadis4
Good poetry doesn't care about languages.petit élève4
Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moths and vermin do not...petit élève4
Salut belle plante translation
Sorry to disappoint you, guys, but this fella is getting at France, its women and its laid-back way of life. He sings of the tackiest illusions about this country: 1/ French women are foxy ladies in...
Actually, it's not pork. It's beef. There was never a Schweinefleischetikettierungsüberwachungsaufgabenübertragungsgesetz because the word would be too long to handle.mk874
Fuck and Go translation
Olá, Daniel! Em primeiro lugar, parabéns pela tradução. Você fez um ótimo trabalho. :) Might I suggest just a few corrections? Nothing too grave, just some nuances. Yo...
Alma Barroca4
"Pressure can't be given to anyone". Essa foi pra rir, gente! Só pode... Quem está pressionando alguém aqui? Apenas mencionei um FATO, qual seja: a tradução está cheia de erros. E assim pe...muzik_top4
Hello, When you say "Iss" in German, nobody understands it as "fuck", right? I think that it's more important to deliver the message that the singer carries with her song than to translate it li...afrobeatz4
Ivan, I wanted to help you, but I'm afraid I'm unable to say anything more than it was already said. Generally speaking, sometimes it's impossible to transcribe a song correctly when the singer is not...Aldefina3
Chew the rubber/bubblegum - yes exactly! I regularly find myself shouting "Just sing the f-ing song!" at tbe radio. Like a grumpy old man. Which I am...Gavin3
[quote=Gavin]Take the appalling Paloma Faith for example, here massacring a perfectly harmless little petit élève3
Lest we forget... ;) Mini pops was a rather disturbing tv series in the 80s when very young children sang vomit-inducing versions of popular ...Gavin3
Предлагаю: "сохну по тебе", "получи свои плюшки"/"оттянись"/"оторвись", "контакта нет" ;)Alexander Laskavtsev3
"Плюшки" - это сленговый дериватив от "плюсов". Т.е. приятные дополнения/неожиданности, как правило. Хотя может ...Brat3
The disease has spread through France like a wildfire too. For instance, the way this cute little girl tortures her vowelspetit élève3
R&B and Hip-hop leave us with the choice between wailing cats and snorting dogs... Luckily there are still a few human sounds around.petit élève3
An Itsy-bitsy Fish translation
Yep, that's correct - but they both shorten to "there's". So when in doubt that's an easy cop out. :)
There'a little one you missed: "a vocalise" - no such noun in English. You could have "a vocalisation" or you could instead say "She starts to vocalise simply"Gavin3
Thanks a lot! My Ancient Hebrew is sooo poor! :D The problem is that in Slavic languages there's a single "Heruvim" and "Heruvimy" for plural.Alexander Laskavtsev3
lectiile translation
You keep adding translations without sources, and I suppose most of them aren't by you, considering the variety of languages. Please add the sources.
Мне никто не нравится -> that would be "personne ne me plaît". Why not "меня никто не любит" ? L’on éclaire comme le miel -> wrong transcription (blonde et cla...petit élève3
Next time I'll organize a vote. :DAlexander Laskavtsev3
au matin de ta vie---> я бы сказала "На заре твоей жизни", как-нибудь так.Green_Sattva3
"girlie talk" is what girls chat about among themselves (including things that would horrify their boyfriends). As a male social worker surrounded by women, I had to endure more than my share of that...petit élève3
chatter is more descriptive I think. :)Gavin3