Tough luck

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Idiomatic translations of "Tough luck"

Rotten luck
Che sfortuna
Che sfiga

Meanings of "Tough luck"


Bad luck. Used to express sympathy or commiserations. (ref. Oxford Dictionary)

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"Tough luck" in lyrics

Magic! - Rude

Say yes, say yes 'cause I need to know
You say, I'll never get your blessing 'til the day I die
Tough luck, my friend, but 'No' still means 'No'!

Hubert von Goisern - It burns well

where's that hut that's burning

do we have tough luck or are we on a roll
are we falling over or attracting attention

Die Fantastischen Vier - Thanks

can I see that there's something in
the way and we're getting airborne...
Tough luck!
The woman was right.

Jenni Rivera - Why don't you give her a go?

You don't feel right, it's okay, I accept it
what d'you want me to do if I had tough luck
if you think some other woman has to love you completely

Hopsin - Ill Mind of Hopsin 8

You know this is that real shit, how do you figure who built this, huh?
I'm the one who made the company all the millions, now you got problems to deal with
Man, this is tough luck, see a couple weeks ago we was buds
And the crew that was killing shit was us

Avril Lavigne - Sk8er Boy

Sorry girl, but you missed out
Well tough luck that boy's mine now

El Komander - Little Armani horn

Fear was present, I cannot deny it,
Gunshot by gunshot I didn't want to let up,
My tough luck shined once again.

Yanitsa - I Got It Back At You

even when I park my car backwards.
In this today's relationship
your dear S has a tough luck.

Hubert von Goisern - It burns pretty well

Where is that hat, where the stable that burns?

Are we facing tough luck, or is all going well,
Do we tip over, or do we attract attention?

The Neighbourhood - Flawless

She didn't want him to run, he didn't want her to fear
Nobody said it'd be easy, they knew it was rough
But, tough luck

Samy Deluxe - Session

Guys, I'll set you on the Deadline,
On three, you have to be gone.
One, Three, Tough luck,
I'm just a dirty pig.

Dangerous Muse - I Want It All

I'm obssessive with excessive pleasure

And tough luck if you can't keep up
With me the lights are turning green

Action Bronson - Actin' Crazy

Same bitch stuck up, now she wanna suck us
See me hangin' out the window, screamin', "What, what?!"
No more tough luck, a different cloth is what I'm cut from
Baby, oh, my lord

Kraftklub - Pictures of me

They're glued to their desks in the editorial department,
Looking for any act they could compare it with
But tough luck! What we're doing never existed before
Models, haha, (are something) we don't have.

786 - Palestine

next thing, they're taking all our houses
Palestine, red from all the corpses
tough luck, they had to have the guns when all we have are rocks
all day, they're killing little babies

MØ - Walk This Way

But I think about it all the time
Tough luck, when, oh, will the days come around
Boy I am thinking 'bout it all the time

Keaton Henson - About Sophie

And when I say "Drive safe" I mean it, today

Cause I'm a tough luck friend
I'll reckon she'll stay with me, til the end

'N Sync - That girl will never be mine

That girl tearin' up the big screen
That girl stealin' every daydream
Tough luck, she had to be the one for me
She will be mine

Ashley Tisdale - Whatcha Waiting For

You'll be sorry but don't worry
cause you're really not that hard to replace
Tough luck
You suck

Pete And The Pirates - Tough Luck

It's tough luck

Tough Luck.

Gracia Baur - I don't think so

'Cause I don't think so

Tough luck,
you loose,

Set It Off - Killer in the Mirror

Get back, put your hands up
Kinda messed up, but it's tough luck
And I'm sorry, but I don't feel bad for you

Elida Bardhi - With me

Ah ah ah I have tough luck (inside me)
ah ah ah I have tough luck (x2)

MAGIC - Rude

Say yes, say yes 'cause I need to know
You say, I'll never get your blessing 'til the day I die
Tough luck, my friend, but 'No' still means 'No'!

UnSun - Clinic for Dolls

She said ‒ what will be
Will be, tough luck
And she walked the night down the path

Sezen Aksu - Men

You witness of demon, shut up
set a thief to catch a thief
If he can't catch, tough luck you have

Madilyn Bailey - Rude

Say yes, say yes 'cause I need to know
I'll never get your blessing 'til the day I die
Tough luck, my friend, 'No' still means 'No'

Tich - Breathe In Breathe Out

One touch, and suddenly I need you
Tough luck, won't you tell me that it ain't true
If you're gonna push me

OK KID - Commitment

Your world lies at your feet on the floor, you go outside
Your eyes on the iPod, didn't see, you step on it
Shit! Tough luck, your sneakers get stuck
Right in the center of the world, cause it is just too narrow

R.A. the Rugged Man - Lessons

Just Blaze is hot now why don't you get with him"
I watch mad rappers bite my shit and blow up
And make millions of what I created, that's tough luck
I first started getting coverage around the same time

Modest Mouse - Lampshades On Fire

We're goin' to party out this place
And then move on
Tough luck

Fallulah - Social Club

Spin around
Spin around for us
Tough luck you can't cross no

Maître Gims - Werewolf

We're not gonna lie, say everything's fine
I'll tell you who you are if you empty your pockets
Go on, tough luck, your name's Sakho
So, obviously, it' économy class

Vladimir Vysotsky - Mishka Shifman

He yelled, "There must be a mistake!"
"Between the two of us, I'm the Jew!"
And they said, "Tough luck, kid!"
"Get lost. We're done with you!"

Moana (OST) - My Shine

Right away!

Oh what a tough luck
Maui is suffering from poor performance

Clutch - The Mob Goes Wild

Give disease so the swine will marry and propagate lies.
Tough luck for elected officials.
The beast you see got fifty eyes.

Ferman Akgül - I woke up in love

Just the other day, everyone hit the jackpot
When I threw the dice with tough luck
Let everything burn, do you think do I care?

Ovidiu Anton - Still alive

Still alive

Tough luck, times are changing
I swim against the stream

Sigrid - Plot Twist

Plot twist, moved on and now you want me
But you're playin' games like a wannabe (shots fired!, fired!)
Tough luck, you're kidding yourself
Plot twist, moved on and now you want me

Darkthrone - Splitkein Fever

Disgusting subhuman fuck
You think you rule the world
Up my ass, tough luck!

Anabel Conde - Just Get It Already

You cannot trick me anymore.
Now I won't tolerate your shenanigans like before:
This is how I am, tough luck if you don't like it.

Calogero - Hypochondriac

Tough luck for me
If I am treated with contempt
Tough luck for me
While man is his own enemy

Knorkator - Old Man

But Jennifer is in love with Kevin, but Kevin is gay.
Tobias finds Annika hot and Annika actually finds him hot too,
But tough luck, he is since long ago the crush of her best friend.

Song Parodies - Kosovo

We never really know
What happens after we go...
Tough luck for Kosovo

The Lion King (OST) - Feel the love with your heart

- Things are looking bad.
- Why?
- Ah, tough luck!
- Ooh?

The Strokes - Gratisfaction

He got punched the mouth for sticking his nose in other people's business
No good solution, always on the verge of some revolution
With tough luck it may take a thousand years but I think we can do it
Best friends fight, but they never enjoy life as good as when they abuse it