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Kazakhstan (Қазақстан)


Student : Школа-Гимназия №32, Ақтөбе

Riding atop music notes~


I joined LT mostly to find lyrics for my favorite songs and leave some comments.


So now I like to sing and do a lot of karaoke. Most of my favorite songs are in languages other than English so most karaoke apps don't have them. Pity, they should add such beautiful songs from different cultures. Anyways, I use LT as a way to find lyrics to sing to.


Another thing I like doing is to write. I spend my time writing 'stories' in Google Docs. If you want a copy of my stories just DM me and I'll send them to you.))


Favorite music artists:

  • Ziruza
  • Aidana Medenova
  • Ayree
  • Ninety One
  • Michael Jackson
  • KeshYou
  • Zarina Altynbayeva
  • Anton Samoylov
  • Loboda
About me

Hi, сәлем, 你好, bonjour, привет!


Танысқанымызға қуаныштымын! (Kazakh- "nice to meet you").


Pisces // Gemini rising // Communist // Multilingual // Kazakh-American


I currently live in Aqtobe, Kazakhstan. I spent a short time living in America and there I took French as a foreign language. In Kazakhstan, I am taking Russian as a foreign language. I study some Chinese online and some other languages when I finally find some time.


To list my languages from most fluent to least:

  • English
  • Kazakh
  • Russian
  • French
  • Chinese


Any questions just DM me!


Көріскенше (Kazakh - "see you soon")!

English, Kazakh, Transliteration
Chinese, French, Russian
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Teen SuicideӨлі мысық English → Kazakh
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English → Kazakh
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Dimash KudaibergenSag'yndym Seni Kazakh → TransliterationKazakh → Transliteration
ZiruzaTell Me Now Kazakh → EnglishKazakh → English
Ninety OneQai'tadan Kazakh → TransliterationKazakh → Transliteration
Dimash KudaibergenMahabbat ber mag'an Kazakh → Transliteration
thanked 1 time
Kazakh → Transliteration
thanked 1 time
ZiruzaJolama Kazakh → TransliterationKazakh → Transliteration
Alashuly GroupElim menin' Kazakh → TransliterationKazakh → Transliteration
Alisher KarimovI'm In Love With You Kazakh → EnglishKazakh → English
Alisher KarimovBaqytyn' o'z qolyn'da Kazakh → TransliterationKazakh → Transliteration
Aidana MedenovaMenimen bi'le Kazakh → TransliterationKazakh → Transliteration
Dimash KudaibergenKo'rkemim Kazakh → TransliterationKazakh → Transliteration
Zarina AltynbayevaEriksiz su'i'dim Kazakh → TransliterationKazakh → Transliteration
KeshYouRy'hty ary' Kazakh → TransliterationKazakh → Transliteration
Dimash KudaibergenDon't Forget Me Kazakh → English
thanked 1 time
Kazakh → English
thanked 1 time
Dimash KudaibergenUmytpa Kazakh → TransliterationKazakh → Transliteration
Brave (OST)Ko’k aspanda s’arlai’yn Kazakh → TransliterationKazakh → Transliteration
Dimash KudaibergenAqqu'ym Kazakh → Transliteration
thanked 1 time
Kazakh → Transliteration
thanked 1 time
Frozen (OST)For The First Time This Evening Russian → English
thanked 1 time
Russian → English
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Frozen (OST)Qanat qaq, qalyqta Kazakh → TransliterationKazakh → Transliteration
Zarina AltynbayevaThe Jewel Song French → English2French → English
Dimash KudaibergenQaratorg’ai’ Kazakh → TransliterationKazakh → Transliteration
Anton SamoylovBez Tebya Russian → TransliterationRussian → Transliteration
Dimash KudaibergenDai'di'day' Kazakh → Transliteration
thanked 1 time
Kazakh → Transliteration
thanked 1 time
Ninety OneQalai' Qarai'syn' Kazakh → TransliterationKazakh → Transliteration
AyreeSenemin Mahabbatqa Kazakh → TransliterationKazakh → Transliteration
AyreeJasa, Qazag'ym! Alg'a! Kazakh → TransliterationKazakh → Transliteration
AyreeJolyn'a Men Qaraymyn Kazakh → TransliterationKazakh → Transliteration
KeshYouQazaq qyzdary Kazakh → TransliterationKazakh → Transliteration