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I seriously love language. Like really insanely much, whether it's linguistics, language creation, dialects, sociolects or regionalects, I eat that stuff like millennials eat avocados. I studied Japanese in university and I'm currently trying to unravel the mystery that is Finnish. If Finnish were a person, I'd have a restraining order by now. I have a Tumblr that I use as sort of a moodboard mixed with the occasional music post to discover different languages. 

English, French, Japanese, Spanish
Estonian, Faroese, Finnish, German, Icelandic, Italian, Portuguese
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Meiko KajiA dream blooms at night Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
VeltpunchCRAWL Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Utada HikaruPassion Japanese → TransliterationJapanese → Transliteration
Utada HikaruPassion Japanese → English2Japanese → English
MarchaUpright in the wind Dutch → EnglishDutch → English
Shugo TokumaruShape Japanese → EnglishJapanese → English
Shugo TokumaruKatachi Japanese → TransliterationJapanese → Transliteration
SpinvisCine film Dutch → EnglishDutch → English
Sœur SourireLittle sprout radish Dutch → English
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Dutch → English
thanked 1 time
Violette WautierIt’s okay... I understand Thai → EnglishThai → English
Violette WautierMâi bpen rai...kâo jai Thai → TransliterationThai → Transliteration
Renata Flores RiveraScissors Quechua → EnglishQuechua → English
Renata Flores RiveraTijeras Quechua → SpanishQuechua → Spanish
YeziAnck Su Namum Korean → EnglishKorean → English
YeziAnck Su Namum Korean → TransliterationKorean → Transliteration
Dana SokolovaPull Apart The Sky Russian → EnglishRussian → English
Dana SokolovaRazvedi nebo Russian → TransliterationRussian → Transliteration
VesalaMany names Finnish → English2
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Finnish → English
thanked 5 times
Sofia NizharadzeMap’at’ie Georgian → TransliterationGeorgian → Transliteration
Silja SolThe Animals Norwegian → EnglishNorwegian → English
Dear JaneNing⁴ Jyun⁶ Dong¹ Co¹ Bat¹ Soeng¹ Gin³ Chinese (Cantonese) → TransliterationChinese (Cantonese) → Transliteration
Ken ZazpiScreams of Flowers Basque (Modern, Batua) → EnglishBasque (Modern, Batua) → English
Ken ZazpiGritos de flores Basque (Modern, Batua) → Spanish
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Basque (Modern, Batua) → Spanish
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Aron CanRoll up Icelandic → EnglishIcelandic → English
BYRTAYour numbing silence Faroese → English
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Faroese → English
thanked 1 time
Suitei ShoujoFirst Bra Japanese → English
thanked 1 time
Japanese → English
thanked 1 time
Kondou MasahikoDream Bond Japanese → English
thanked 1 time
Japanese → English
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AKB48Don't give up Japanese → English
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Japanese → English
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Kinoko TeikokuPeppermint¹ Japanese → English
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Japanese → English
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