Umaaraw, Umuulan (English translation)

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It Shines, It Rains

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You don't understand
Why you're being tormented
By the kiss of bad luck
You crawled slowly up the stairs
Only to be struck by lightning
At the very top, but
My friend,
Do not waver
My friend,
Easy on the crying
Nothing is going to happen
We won't achieve anything
Don't try to stop the rain from pouring
There is a time to be King
There are times to trip (and fall)
That's just how life is
(The Sun) Shines, (The Rain) Pours
(The Sun) Shines, (The Rain) Pours
Such is life
(The Sun) Shines, (The Rain) Pours
Don't take pity on yourself
Don't think you're worthless
That's one big lie
Tomorrow the sun will shine
Only for those who are patient
to wait...
So my friend,
Don't you give in
My friend,
Keep your head held high
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Umaaraw, Umuulan

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