Un gran dia (English translation)

English translation

A great day

Like a white bud,
like the jazmine flower,
our child leaves home
on a sunday morning.
With the eyes drowned in tears,
we see him fom the hallway,
our son leaves home
with a heavenly air.
Because today is a great day,
he'll always have a good memory:
he'll receive the first hostia1
little angel of our heart.
For a father and a mother
is the greatest joy
to see the son in his first...
Ah! Aaay!... protest.
There's a great mess there,
he's running towards to it.
If his grandpa could see him,
that he was of the CNT2
the treeline streets are are loaded,
cars, chairs and benches,
the rubber bullets whistle,
it's all full of white clouds.
He runs from the smoke,
our beloved son,
and there he receives the first hostia3
without asking for it.
And with the heart full of joy
he goes back home beated up,
while up in heaven the angels
sing mutually:
Baixant de la Font del Gat
status of autonomy,
baixant de la Font del Gat
amnesty and freedom.
  • 1. communion bread
  • 2. Anarchist union in spain
  • 3. which also means blow
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Un gran dia

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