Under the hammer

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Under the hammer (English) — Referring to something being sold, especially at an auction, usually a house. Comes from when auctioneers used hammers to close the auction after the winning bid.

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"Under the hammer" in lyrics

he come again and again in my sleep
and through the dust of centuries I see everything...

Day was moving on as a nail under the hammer
Evil laugh muffled the moan of the insane
He was saving all the world and Galilea

Ariya - Executioner (Палач)


I was never afraid of the next morning, but the final night.
It's easier as a dust on the floor than as a statue under the hammer.
Trust it. Hold on to your faith in people, but someone will proselytize you too.
And I'm not the first one to lose their grip.

Apulanta - Frost

went from bad to worse
you taught me not
to ever cry out loud
under the hammer
of the gods
I stand bloody

Collective Project - Invictus

Across this crooked land
Runs a crooked man
Our loved ones die
Under the hammer
Of the Soviet sun

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Rhapsody

V-A's doing money, like Penelope, I know, you're shocked
Don't get into rap, you're gonna lose feathers
93 in bus, 93 pitfalls
93 anvil, under the hammer of justice
Always remember that God created the prostitution

Vald - Inanition