Until Our Poison Devours Us (English translation)

English translation

Until Our Poison Devours Us

you are walking the way towards yourself, and the way
passes yourself,
and your seven devils!
burning yourself is what you have to want, in your
own flame; how would you want to become new
if you haven't become ashes first? and
beware of the fits of your love.
lust is deeper still than heartache.
you higher humans, you don't learn it,
lust wants eternity
wandering through the refuge of my dreams
nightmarish blessings to speak
decay in shrouds and fragments
this place steams in the mist of butchered mind
I became nothingness
I became abyss of expression
embracing the poison
as hunger that keeps me awake
crushing eleos and pride
through reign of contradiction
clasping the dusty ruins
reclaiming the throne of bones
commanding a legion
composed of tainted words and symbols
erupting abyssal volcanism
raising the omega of mind
reasons to justify
the fall seems eternal
crumbling in rays of light
blinding the clearest sight
every morning, when the sun rises for the
others, giving joy and letting heat out over
the nature, while my face remains
immobile, staring at the completely dark space,
crouching at the back of my beloved cavern,
in a misery which intoxicates me just like
wine, I wind my tattered chest with
my vigourous hands.
object of desire,
I no longer belong to humanity.
and there would be nothing I would like more than
not to wear my mind out by constantly thinking.
do not ever forget; we are on board this demasted
ship to suffer.
[improving every poison
I found the strongest was my own
I'm also burning venom into gold]
embracing the poison
as hunger that keeps me awake
embracing the poison
as hunger that keeps me addicted
for I consciously perish in the bright shining
embers of the golden sun
one poisoned well to bail from, may be more
effective than countless jars of venomous
why would I destroy myself on purpose, while
speaking insensate curses against all that
breathes and crying oceans of acid?
for what I still fear the most is myself
for lust burns deeper still than heartache
until the poison devours me
until the poison devours me
until the poison devours you
until the poison devours us
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The translation of the French part was done by xKumii.
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Until Our Poison Devours Us

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