Volbeat - Rebel Monster

  • Artist: Volbeat
  • Album: The Strength / The Sound / The Songs
  • Translations: German

Rebel Monster

Drunk again, my baby
Well, the water ain't my brand
That goddamn demon booze
Forever hunting
Sitting on my shoulder
Talking to my inner self
Well, let's forever feed that rebel monster
Well, here we go again, no rules are set
And let us stay on the running train
Forever pumping, no ink on papers
To show the motherfuckers who I am
Let's forever be that rebel monster
Forever let the train be running
Without breaks
To a place like nothing else
A feeling out of tears
They came from everywhere
To see the running train
Wishing they were part of it
Duka, duka, duka, bunga, bunga
Just hold on
Because the train went up in the air
And crashed to the ground
Boiled in blood, my baby
With a broken leg and arm
Let's forever bleed that rebel monster
They came across the land
To get the lying train back on track
And worked for days
The sun were burning them
Someone stayed and someone left
But now it runs again to a place
Like nothing else
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