walang basagan ng trip

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walang basagan ng trip (Filipino/Tagalog) — You should not criticize harshly or stop someone from doing his hobby or following his own personal preference.

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walang basagan ng trip — Literal translation of the expression in English is "No Breaking of Trip" where the English word "Trip" means "something a person does out of a whim or something one fancies/enjoys doing, esp. unusual, may or may not be disturbing/inappropriate". To break a Trip, you refrain someone from doing such. Possible equivalent is, "Do not make me stop doing whatever it is I want to do/am doing no matter how strange it may be for you". Related to the English expression, "Mind your own business".

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walang basagan ng trip — Walang pakialaman sa libangan o kagustuhan ng iba

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Translations of "walang basagan ng trip"

EnglishDon't break my jive