Xiǎo Xingyùn(小幸運) (English translation)


Xiǎo Xingyùn(小幸運)

我听见雨滴 落在青青草地
我听见远方 下课钟声响起
爱上你的时候 还不懂感情
离别了 才觉得刻骨铭心
是谁风里 雨里 一直默默守护在原地
原来你是 我最想留住的幸运
原来我们 和爱情曾经靠得那么近
那为我对抗世界的决定 那陪我淋的雨
一幕幕都是你 一尘不染的真心
与你相遇 好幸运
可我已失去 为你泪流满面的权利
但愿在我看不到的天际 你张开了双翼
遇见你的注定 她会有多幸运
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English translation

Little Luck

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I listen to the raindrops falling on the green grass
I listen to the distant school bell ringing
But I can't hear your voice calling my name
When I fell in love with you ,I couldn't understand the feelings
let's not separate,feelings are still engraved in my memory
Why have I not come across you? You are the best thing in my life
Perhaps we are
busy smiling and crying ,or busy chasing a meteor in the middle of the sky.
people forget naturally
who is in the wind?who is in the rain? I'm staying quietly here guarding.
All along you are the luck I want most
All along we and love draw once so close
It was me against the world's decision,rain poured on me
you are my tent,a sincerity in pristine condition .
With you I found good luck
but I have lost the rights to be tearful towards you
I can't see the skyline,you opened my wings
Destined to meet you,she might have more luck than me
Youth is a staggering journey
Having a beautiful after-perception
It's too late to thank you for giving me the courage to return to myself.
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