Ya me voy (English translation)


Ya me voy

Ya me voy,
y mi intención, de veras,
no es dejarte así.
Ya me voy,
con tu vestido negro
te verás muy bien.
Ya me voy,
deseo, con toda el alma,
que encuentres la calma
en un nuevo amor,
y que te haga feliz,
y que te haga olvidarte de mi,
pero que no te reproche
aquellas noches
que me diste a mí.
Dale todo de ti,
sólo hay algo que quiero pedir:
aquellas cosas
que fueron tan mías,
quiero que las guardes
muy dentro de ti:
mis tonterías, mis alegrías,
mis bromas absurdas
que te hacían reir.
Y mi guitarra
cuando te cantaba,
cuando estés muy triste.
te hablará de mí.
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English translation

I am leaving now

I am leaving now
and my intention, truly,
is not to leave you like this.
I am leaving now,
on your black dress
you will look very good.
I am leaving now,
I wish, with all my soul,
that you find peace
in a new love,
and that he makes you happy,
and that he makes you to forget me,
but don't let him to reproach you
for those nights
that you made mine.
Give him all of yourself,
there is only one thing I want to ask:
those things
that were so much a part of me,
I want you to keep them
deep inside:
my nonsense, my lightheartedness,
my stupid jokes
that made you laugh,
and my guitar
when I sung to you...
When you will be very sad,
it will talk to you about me.
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makis17    Thu, 21/12/2017 - 03:05

The source lyrics isn't in english language.

roster 31    Thu, 21/12/2017 - 03:08

No, it's in Spanish

Ww Ww    Thu, 21/12/2017 - 03:10

Hmm, I wonder how that changed Regular smile