Serhat Durmus - Yakamoz (English translation)

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Rüzgar savurur her ânımı,
Unutturur yaptıklarımı,
Bilmem neden böyleyim,
Zorlukların ötesindeyim...
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Geceler bitse,
Günler geçse,
Yıllar gitse,
Duyamam sesini...
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Söz : Sıla Koçyiğit
Müzik : Serhat Durmuș

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English translation


The wind brandishes every moment,
I forget what I do,
I do not know why I am like this,
I am beyond the challenges...
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The nights are running out,
The days are passing,
The years are going by,
I can not hear your voice ...
Nights ... days ... years ... I can not hear ...
Submitted by Super Girl on Fri, 02/02/2018 - 21:48
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”Yakamoz” is a special, untranslatable Turkish word which is used to name the moment when the moonlight shines on the sea or on the ocean.

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