Yekteniya I (Ектения I: Очищение) (English translation)

English translation

Yekteniya I (Litany I: Purification)

He has helped his servant Israel,
Remembering to be merciful
To Abraham and his descendants1.
I will have mercy on you,
According to My unfailing love;
According to My great compassion
I will blot out your transgressions.
I will [manifoldly] wash away all your iniquity
And cleanse you (Forever Hallelujah!) from your sin.
He has helped his servant Israel,
remembering to be merciful [x4]
For I know your transgressions, and your sin
Is always before you.
I am the only one who reigns2
And you have done what is evil in My sight
So I am right in My (Forever Hallelujah!) verdict.
(He has helped his servant Israel)
And justified when you judge.
(Remembering to be merciful [x2])
And justified when I judge.
(For to Me belong all glory, honor, and worship,
now and forever and to the ages of ages)3.
And justified when I judge you.
(For to Me belong all glory, honor, and worship,
now and forever and to the ages of ages)
Let your soul praise,
Me, your Lord (Yet you desired faithfulness),
Praise (in that secret place)
Me, the Lord (I taught you).
Surely you was sinful at birth,
Sinful from the time your mother conceived you.
  • 1. Luke 1:54
  • 2. I'm not sure about this one, since I have no idea if lyrics is correct in this part. I haven't find these words in the Bible either.
  • 3. The part of liturgicals texts (The Prayer of the First Antiphon).
  • 4. Psalm 51 and Psalm 102 mixed together.
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Author's comments:

The lyrics are based on Psalm 51 (mostly), which is turned inside out - the "You" and "I" pronouns are replaced with one another, so the vocalist speaks on behalf of God.
P.S.: the NIV Bible translation was used for the lyrics "translation".

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Yekteniya I (Ектения I: Очищение)

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