Zeichen (English translation)

English translation


It gets dark and the world shatters
In the everlasting sky
Fades - one by one - star after star
Fragments of forgotten times awake you
From the sleep that lasted eternally
But, drowned in mania, with empty lungs
The old wrath represses the young blood
Which ever gifted you your life
The vains now weary
Forever you move on
But find no goal
On written off paths grows no hope
And you remain missing
How often can you lose
And find each other again
The day drapes itself in black veils
The night menacing and cold
The last lights die
Vanish in your empty eyes
The place in which the years faded
Now becomes the origin of a new world
Forever you move on
But never get old
The darkness gives no wisdom
And you always stay young
What remains without the connectedness
Together we are one
Raise your head, your voice
Set your sight on the cosmos
The world in you
So leave your traces on this earth
Set signs
For what is left without you?
So leave traces on this earth
Set signs
For what is the world without you?
Submitted by Jakob Phaser on Tue, 13/02/2018 - 22:36


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